These suspects in the Boston Marathon bombings entered this nation and received asylum: one with permanent residency, the other with citizenship just last year. The irony of the circumstance is baffling to anyone who isn’t an utter sociopath.

This opens a big can of worms because of the latest efforts and thoughts for establishing a pathway to citizenship for illegal immigrants, but will these conditions alter the way we proceed? It should.

There are many LEGAL immigrants in the United States such as students, working professionals, family members, etc. who have done everything right. They filled out the paperwork, paid their fees, some even pay taxes, and stay out of trouble. When or how did it become a good idea to put illegal aliens in front of contributing members of our nation? And this is before we even get into the financial drain they are on our government.

Back to the drawing board, but where do we start? And where do we draw the line?