As I sit to write this, I am at a loss for words. This is not necessarily unheard of for a writer (or at least me) but today is different. As I sit here, information is coming in regarding the bombings in Boston. There are no words to describe what I am seeing. Information coming in sporadically; blood on the screen. It is a horrific scene and though normally I am political, today I am just an American.

There has been speculation that this was related to terrorism. Others who say it is too early to tell. No matter what, I cannot help but feel immensely saddened and frustrated. I could wrap up this article here and say that the world is cruel, people are evil, and there is no hope. But, that would be a lie.

The images on the screen are powerful. I see racers running away from the violent act in a state of confusion, some of them falling down. I see blood and, quite frankly, gore. Yet, as I watch again… the same scene… I see immense acts of courage. There is a man being ushered to the side where safety is believed to be by what I can only imagine is a stranger. In another glimpse of the same scene I see a man taking off his shirt quickly to place upon the wound of a woman who is stunned and scared mouthing the words “What just happened?” Neon clothed men and women, with the race and police, are running toward what could be equated to a war zone while ushering victims to safety. Everywhere I look and watch as the horrific details come in, I do not see moments despair that are left unanswered. Rather I see hope.

This scene has reminded me that life can be looked at in two different ways. I am not negating the sheer tragedy of this event, and the lives lost or forever impacted. Maybe it’s my safe distance away or my voyeur like view of what is happening, but what I see is hope and promise. We are Americans. We are strong. We are proud. We are helpful. In a world that usually focuses on what divides us, what I see today is nothing short of unifying. In times like these I can only say two things: May God protect them all and yes, today we are all Americans.