North Korea is promising military action and missile strikes. According to reports on the ground, the North Korean military has moved missiles close to the coast, where they are in range of hitting a US base in Guam as well as other locations. The region is on guard as they try to figure out what it is possible, what is probable, and what is a young leader puffing his feathers.

The media and political pundits alike are dealing with this issue and wading through the process of understanding, and eve political parties are divided on the issue. While some believe that this is just an attempt at a show of strength with no real backing, others believe it is a threat that we should take seriously. Both camps believe that an attack on the US is unlikely, but it is the attack on allies and our military basis that appears to be the most concerning. Specifically, South Korea and the pacific Island nations are of the utmost concern. But, the real fear is what our response would be and if we have the leadership in power to handle such a crisis if it were to come to fruition.

My criticism of the President is about as well hidden as the President’s ego. I believe at times that even when his intention might be true, his truth is in line with an ideology and political system that is a complete distortion of what this nation was founded on. If there was to be an attack, or an attempted attack, on any nation, I fear what our response would be. Benghazi was just one example of when this administration chose to at best deem a request for assistance and a military concern, and at worse completely ignore it. Then what would make me have confidence that he would be able to stand up in the event something actually did happen? When it comes to fooling the American public into a false sense of security, this President is amazing. When it comes to foreign relations, he fails substantially.