Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano announced that the U.S. border with Mexico was as secure as it had been in years. Touting her own departments accomplished, she asserted that in all of the twenty years she has worked the border that it has never been more secure than it is today. This came much to the anger of lawmakers and border patrol agents (apparently who are not hallucinating like Secretary Napolitano) who are using facts to back their arguments.

Arrests on the border are up over ten percent since last year alone. Not only that, but the number of active arrests sits at over 150,000 per year, but that probably does not matter to the Secretary who sees an increase in arrests as making it safer… rather than an increase in illegal activity. Couple this with reports on the ground from Border and Custom agents who not only are seeing their arrest numbers go up, but also illegal traffic into states as well.

The Obama Administration and its minions appear to be more concerned with catering to illegal immigrants (Vote Democrat… in a country you’re not a citizen of) than actually seeing this as a problem. Not only does it saturate the workforce with underpaid and undocumented workers, but it puts citizens at jeopardy as well. Illegal immigration means workers taking jobs that could (and should) belong to native citizens and taxation is virtually impossible, which the Obama Administration does not seem to mind. These individuals are at a higher risk of being trafficked and put into abusive working conditions because of their status as well. Furthermore, crossing the border is dangerous to our agents, our communities, and the individual’s crossing as well.

What does the Obama Administration seem to care about though? The term “illegal.” Somehow, someone who crosses the border (illegally) without the proper documentation (illegal) or rights (illegal) to do so is supposed to be referred to as “undocumented” rather than what they are: illegal! Semantics can take a backseat, President Obama, for realism any time now.