A judge has now approved the use of the ‘Morning After Pill’ for over the counter consumption by girls of any age. Available at grocery store pharmacies and other locations, the pill was once only attainable with a driver’s license and acquisition through a licensed pharmacist.  Now, in this latest ruling, the precedent has been set that such a pill that will actually stop the female egg from being potentially fertilized post-intercourse would be made available to any female, regardless of age. Though some on the left will tout this as one step closer to equality for women (I mean when was the last time men had to worry about getting pregnant… that is the argument right?), I fear for what we are teaching our young, independent women of tomorrow and girls of today.

Do not get me wrong. I think that accessibility to medications and other treatment aids is a beautiful thing. Rather than having to wade through the red tape of bureaucratically driven healthcare just to get to some medications that are the equivalent of Tylenol can be frustrating and angering. But, as this medication (if you can call it that) or medical aid (still not seeming fit), it may be time to question not what just advancements in technology and access to drugs can gain us, but what they are teaching us as well.

As a young(er) woman, I have heard the stories regarding unwanted pregnancies, unplanned pregnancies, and unexpected conception (unexpected may be the wrong term… but you catch my drift). I understand the frustration and fear that can arise. But, when we are provided with a tool that can stop that process, does it not make behavior more risky and provide young women with an aid in escaping consequences for actions. I still believe in strong independent women who can think for themselves and who can work hard to become whatever it is they develop the abilities for. This, however, does not mean I cannot believe that access to this pill is a bad thing (a woman? On the right? Yes we do exist). It is providing women, and young men as well, with the ability to act knowing that there is a potential out if something were to um… go awry.

This is an especially harmful message when we provide it to our young girls in society. As parents, there is an effort made to teach right from wrong. This pill is providing an undermining to that teaching. I got the talk growing up about premarital sex and the consequences of it, including the “…or a baby” threat. It undermines women as well and, I believe, their role as being mothers. If you do not want a baby, hey take this pill and it will go away. It is not about providing young women with options but once again an attempt to undermine who they are by making issues regarding their care and their futures nothing more than about their ovaries. Quite frankly, it is sickening and frightening.