Earth calling the Obamas: Presidency isn’t a pageant or a popularity contest! Fortunately for me, I was on an international flight (watching Argo) while The Academy Awards were on. I didn’t have to see “First Lady” Michelle Obama tune in via satellite to the biggest celebrity convention in Hollywood to issue the most prestigious award (of course). I’m thankful I didn’t see it live, because I’d probably be out buying a new television.

As First Lady (hard to call her that as she doesn’t uphold the title), Michelle Obama has absolutely no place being involved in the Hollywood spotlight in any regard! It makes me sick that they pry their way into celebrity in any way they possibly can. Anyone who thinks this is okay in the current situation in America should have their right to vote revoked. They’ve been interviewed on almost every daytime/late night show there is, in addition to reality TV appearances. They will be exploiting Malia and Sasha on American Idol within the next few years as their ages are eligible, and you can can bet your bottom dollar, they’ll have a reality TV show when his presidency is over. This is their master plan.

Sadly, the President’s job is to govern and lead, not dabble in celebrity, and it’s blatantly obvious that his celebrity and popularity status are more important than the success or survival of The United States. Their list of celebrity appearances and events far exceed their list of political accomplishments. It’s insulting to the American people.

The irony of the Oscars situation is, Michelle Obama announced Argo as the winner of Best Picture. Ben Affleck, the director of Argo, has been a supporter of the Obamas in the past, but confessed his disappointment and frustration with the President in the recent election. Affleck told the Associated Press, “I voted for Obama last time although he got to be all things to all people then,” adding, “And now he’s got a record which makes it really different … I obviously have more complicated feelings.” Take a hint Obamas! It’s probably things like dishing out Academy Awards that are upsetting people. Go back to the Oval Office and do your job! [End rant]

Silver lining: Argo is excellent if you have not seen it.


  • Shiela

    @912277debce37548e915cf4cac6a9296:disqus Yes, Michelle Obama should go back to the Oval Office and do her job. Seriously? That’s what you got from this; when the President and his wife are fame-whoring while he is supposed to be the leader of our country? Fame-whore is to Snooki as Leader is to President. Somehow President Obama has mistaken leadership for celebrity.

  • German Observer

    After her appearence at the Oscar-event you ask Michelle Obame to go back to the Oval Office to do her job there?

    Whether or not you think she upholds the role of the First Lady and wether ir not you like her to appear on Tv- and Hollywood-events, I really really can assure you, that her work-place is NOT the Oval office.Definetly. Have a look to teh constitution.

  • Anonymous

    We live in the reality tv era where people can become famous before achieving anything worthy of fame. Paris Hilton and the Kardashians are examples of this. Barack Obama was elected under the same phenomenon. He was man who had no significant accomplishments yet somehow was deemed cool enough to be elected President. Michelle and Barack fit right in in our celebrity reality show era.

    • Anonymous

      You mean like wining the Nobel Peace Prize within the first few months of taking office?

      • Anonymous

        Exactly. I wonder how the Nobel committee feels about drone attacks?