Hagel to the Pentagon


Filed Under Military on Jan 7 

Obama has given a giant “in your face” to the GOP (and some gay rights groups) by nominating Chuck Hagel (RINO-NE).

Any chance he crashes and burns or is he a lock to be confirmed?


  • Anonymous

    Elections have consequences, especially if the RINO Republicans are in charge and don’t stand by the Constitution. Obama has nothing to lose so you will see his real agenda in the next four years, while those in charge of the GOP bow and placate. A small minority of real Republicans will try but are powerless to stop the death of the party.

    From the ashes a new party will rise that takes the mantle of everything that Republicans used to hold dear. Probably without all the social baggage that Democrats slam Republicans with like a phone book upside the head.

    • David Kaiser, Editor

      And this party will get shellacked in every election, because it will force moderates right into the open arms of the Democrats.

      • Anonymous

        Do you see any difference then what is happening now? I don’t.

  • Anonymous

    My guess is he will pass confirmation but I do believe this is further evidence that Obama plans to continue to separate the United States from its great regional ally.

    Obama appears to be emboldened like no President I have ever seen. The arrogance of a very imperial Presidency seems to be the direction we are heading. I am concerned for my country.

    • German Observer

      Brian, wait, just to be sur I got you: Are you essentially saying, that you dislike the decision to appoint a Republican and think that the president is emboldened, seperates the US from its great regional ally and is arrogant BECAUSE he is appointing a Republican? is that right? What would you have felt, had he appointed a Democrat?