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Paul 2016?


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Rand Paul’s trip to Israel is sparking speculation about 2016. Weigh in, Ron Paul supporters, would your support automatically transfer from father to son?

The idea has been floating around this week and Carney refuses to rule out. What say ye, PD?

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Filed Under Domestic Policy on Jan 8 

Hagel to the Pentagon


Filed Under Military on Jan 7 

Obama has given a giant “in your face” to the GOP (and some gay rights groups) by nominating Chuck Hagel (RINO-NE).

Any chance he crashes and burns or is he a lock to be confirmed?

Political Derby’s editors and contributors are happy to announce that the site has been acquired by Matador Web Group of Scottsdale, Arizona. Your new editor is the talented and energetic, Elizabeth Reycroft.

Please welcome Elizabeth and her colleagues to the family. They’ve got big things in store for 2013 and beyond.

On a personal note, it’s been a tremendous pleasure to associate with the many regulars who’ve populated the track for over eight years. We’ve always done things differently here, and I’m grateful for those who’ve respected our approach. With few exceptions, this has been a safe place to debate and discuss politics without the profanity, name calling and bigotry that poisons so many other web sites.

Our most popular feature, and the one that most distinguished us, has always been the White House Power Rankings. Rest assured, they’re not going anywhere. Stay tuned for updated rankings and the reintroduction of the Political Derby Composite.

Finally, a special thanks to my childhood pal, Stephen Fountain. Without him in the early stages, PD would have never developed. I’d also like to thank David Kaiser, a very talented wordsmith and great friend; and, Scott Robinson, the brains behind the PDC and a guy who had every reason to check out during 2012, but stuck with us and contributed to our success.

God bless!

On to 2016…