Can Boehner survive?


Filed Under Policy on Dec 21 

Politico has a look at Boehner’s boneheaded and backfired ‘Plan B’ strategy.

Can the Speaker survive this GOP revolt or is Speaker Boehner about to come Congressman Boehner?


  • Steve M.

    Boehner sort of backed into the position in the first place … and for better or for worse, the GOP has stuck by him. I think they did so, by and large, because he was safe. He nearly always toed the party line, never made any noise about running for higher office, etc.
    The time for a safe leader in the GOP has probably come and gone … and I think he will be replaced sooner rather than later.
    My only question is, does Canter take the reigns largely uncontested or does a high-profile Paul Ryan make a play for the gavel? If he does, there is sure to be noise from Tea Party et al. in support of this bid.

    • Anonymous

      Either one of them would be a far better choice.

  • Steve Feinstein

    Boehner’s problems as GOP House leader go far beyond yesterday’s failed non-vote. His demeanor and aura are so steeped in 1950’s Republican Party cliche optics that he has never had even the slightest chance of moving public opinion on any important issue. The liberal MSM sees him–correctly–as an easy target to ridicule and disregard. He has that “Country Club” tan, that slow, monotonous voice, that humorless persona. The visual contrast to the younger, hipper, ‘cooler’ Obama couldn’t be more striking or d*mning, especially to the casually-attentive voter. Boehner’s selection as SotH is symptomatic of all the impossibly bad marketing decisions Republicans have made for their ‘brand’ in the last few years. The GOP will stay solidly in the “L” column as long as the likes of Boehner remain in leadership roles.

  • Anonymous

    We would be far better off if he stepped down and had someone who stood strong on the ideals of the party.