Following the fiscal cliff debacle? Try WaPa’s live feed.

Happy New Year, America. Enjoy the ball dropping and the taxes rising…

Step aside, Joe Biden. Steny Hoyer has made the most insensitive, stupid comment of 2012.

“It’s somewhat like taking your child hostage and saying to somebody else, ‘I’m going to shoot my child if you don’t do what I want done.’ You don’t want to shoot your child. There’s no Republican leader that wants to default on our debt, that I’ve talked to,” House Minority Leader Rep. Steny Hoyer (D-MD) said at a Capitol Hill press conference on Thursday.

That phrase is in the news a lot lately, referring, obliquely, to some “tide” about prevailing opinion on gun control.

The “tide” against big-capacity ammo clips?
The “tide” against allowing gun rampages by out-of-control nutcases?
The “tide” against the ‘gun ownership culture’ of this country?

We’re having a “national conversation” about some “tide” that is “turning.”

I know I’m convinced, especially now that we’re having that long-overdue conversation. If only we’d spoken sooner. I agree with everyone who is against mass murder, especially when committed against school children. I didn’t realize that that was a tide that needed to be turned, but if so, then I’m there.

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Entertaining stroll back around the 2012 track.

The PD family would like to wish you a gargantuan Merry Christmas. For just one day, may we all choose not to think about cliffs, Plan B’s, tax pledges, Boehners and Pelosis.

Your editors recognize that without our loyal readers, commenters and longtime lurkers, PD would be four strange guys arguing about politics via text message.

Can Boehner survive?


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Politico has a look at Boehner’s boneheaded and backfired ‘Plan B’ strategy.

Can the Speaker survive this GOP revolt or is Speaker Boehner about to come Congressman Boehner?

Politico reports that Obama will announce a guns task force chaired by Joe Biden.

With most of the Newton funerals still to come this week, is it too soon? Will the task force be any more effective than most failed government inventions?

Dana Loesch is among those suggesting the president dropped politics into his speech at the vigil for the victims of Friday’s horrific massacre in Connecticut. The left has viscously attacked her in return. (Caution: Strong language.)

What’s your take?

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This piece – Promise vs. Reality in Newark on Mayor’s Watch – is worth your time today. And if you’ve ever wondered if the NYT was capable of shredding a liberal, wonder no more.

Update from the Derby


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I’m happy to report that good things are happening behind the scenes at Political Derby. Things may be quiet during the holidays — traditionally a slow time anyway — but in January we’ll announce plans for the months and years ahead.

On behalf of every editor and contributor who has come and gone over the last eight years, Merry Christmas!

Yesterday, Newt appeared on “Meet the Press” and said what I’ve been saying for a long time. If Hillary runs in 2016, she’s going to be very tough to beat.

Further, if you’re a republican and you’re already licking your conservative chops over 2016, check out this fascinating chart at the Washington Post. The dems are working with a sharp electoral college edge that’s going to be tough to dull.

SNL tackles fiscal cliff


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Get used to these polling numbers out of PPP. They show Rubio leading GOP horses and Hillary crushing all Democrats in the 2016 race.

Bookmark this post: If Hillary runs, she’ll be impossible to beat for the nomination and extremely tough to take down in the general.

If the last two elections are any indicator, the 2016 race will mean quite the windfall for those in the political marketing industry. And the potential candidates know it, based on the smattering of names being link to various political mega-donors, as described in this Politico read on the role money and Super PACs may play in 2016.

Republicans mentioned meeting with folks who could underwrite their campaigns include Bobby Jindal, Bob McDonnell, John Kasich, Rick Santorum, Scott Walker, Susana Martinez, and Rick Perry. On the Democratic side, Joe Biden, Martin O’Malley, and Mark Warner also have meet with money mavens, but the majority of the dollars on the Dem side are stuck in stasis until Hillary Clinton makes a decision on running.

Follow the money, and you will find a trail to the likely 2016 horses.