The Fix has an interesting piece that offers us What Mitt Romney did right. It dovetails nicely into Stuart Stevens’ WaPo piece, Mitt Romney: A good man. The right fight.

Romney wasn’t exactly the most popular horse around the Derby, but with most of the stories of the 2012 race now written, is there anything you think Romney got right?


  • Reese Turner

    I have something to say, but I am not sure what it is. I was very anti-Romney, but grew to be prouder of my vote for him than for any other Republican since Reagan’s FIRST campaign (I was not so proud of the 2nd vote, but proud enough). I guess I am still in shock that more people did not have the same epiphany as I. Anyway, I guess he did plenty right to get that close. I think his wealth and his religion hurt him just enough to account for some of that. What he did wrong was that he did not go for the jugular when he had Oblama on the ropes after the first debate. Why he throttled back in the next two is the question that will haunt us all as America slides into the abyss of socialism, despair and decline that is at hand. I hope he someday finds peace with it. I hope i do too…

    • Anonymous

      That is a very good and legit point about him not going for the jugular when he had the chance.

  • David Kaiser, Editor

    I’ve come to the conclusion that Romney is the anti-Obama. I think he made a pretty bad candidate, but I also believe he would have made an effective President. Obama is just the opposite, he runs strong campaigns, but has been a pretty lousy chief executive.

    I found this article on what the GOP needs to do to win a campaign, and though it has some good observations.

    Romney had a deficit of personality, Obama has the cult of personality. Romney has shown he can be an effective leader, both in the corporate world and in government. Obama has shown he is an average at best leader, who was only able to advance his agenda when he had a majority in Congress. In the end, I don’t think Romney lost because he wasn’t conservative enough, I think Romney lost because he wasn’t a great politician, nor a good candidate.

    As we’ve seen over the years, those best suited to be president have not always won.

    The Republican Party needs to hope they can find someone who can be a good candidate. The nation needs to hope that candidate can actually be a good president.

    • Anonymous

      Great analysis, Kaiser.

      I think Romney got the issues right. I also think he ran a strong traditional campaign.

      The problem for Romney, I believe, was he carrying more wight of the GOP baggage than the GOP was of carrying Mitt’s baggage. The Republican brand has been greatly diminished due to a good anti-GOP campaign ran by the Dems and their friendly media, but also the self destructive rhetoric of too many GOP horses.

    • German Observer

      Pretty hard to say, wether he did somethimng right at all. To make his wife the testimonial for him actually to be a human being and his first debate performance come to mind, if you will.

      But thats not the point I want to make. What I want to say is, that we actually don’t really know, why he lost and why Obama won. What is true is, that Obama had 51% and Romney 48%, which is not that much of a gap, and that only 330.300 in four swing states would have had to swing in the other direction. So I have the tendecy, that this was the result of a better camapaign of a superior “electoral engeneering” as I read this nice new term somewhere.

      If you ask me, Romney was a completely wrong candidate, who ran a campaign full of flaws and mistakes, did not have a good support of his party, where too many liked to talk annoying stuff about rape – and still lost rather narrowly. On the other hand, had the unemployment rate dropped to 5 or 6 % Obama probably had crushed him. We simply don’t know and I see not enough hints to come to robusrt conclusions.