John Ellis Bush, the son and brother of two former presidents, who is better known as “Jeb”, appears to be laying the groundwork for a run at the office that his family held for 12 out of the last 24 years. Some pundits have pointed to Barack Obama’s victories over Hillary Clinton and Mitt Romney as a signal that the era of political family dynasties is over. Not so fast my friends, several of these venerable clans will be fielding formidable candidates for 2016.

On the Democratic side, Hillary Clinton and Andrew Cuomo would be at the top of almost any list of probable nominees. Clinton’s defeat by Obama in the 2008 primaries still does not seem to sit well, and she would have a vaunted fundraising machine at her disposal should she make another run. Cuomo has enjoyed major success and popularity as governor of New York, and his father was a regularly rumored, but never actual, candidate for the Oval Office.

On the Republican side, we have Jeb and Senator Rand Paul, son of the mercurial Ron Paul, and heir to the conservative wing of what I’ve come to consider the populist movement of the Republican Party. While Rand may not garner the same numbers that any of the other previously mentioned dynastic representatives, he inherits a passionate and vocal group of supporters from his father.

The Bush name is the thing that may be the biggest thing holding Jeb back, who has a strong record as Florida’s governor and enjoyed strong support from both Latino and Jewish voters in the state, which are two groups that Republicans have not traditionally done well with.

It may be a little early to start pulling those old Bush family jokes out of deep storage, but there is enough evidence at this point to put Jeb on the list as someone seeking the 2016 GOP nomination.