From Mark Steyn’s 11/19 column:

“….Hence the urge to get on the right side of America’s fastest-growing demographic. Only 27 [sic] percent of Hispanics voted for Romney. But all that could change if the GOP were to sign on to support some means of legalizing the presence of the 12-20 million fine upstanding members of the Undocumented-American community who are allegedly “social conservatives” and thus natural Republican voters. Once we pass amnesty, argues Grover Norquist’s Americans for Tax Reform, “future immigrants will be more open to the Republican Party because, unlike many immigrants who are already here, they won’t have been harmed or insulted by Republican politicians……”

There’s a popular, simplistic theory floating around these days that supposedly explains the Republican loss on Nov 6th and thereby presents the “answer” to winning future national elections:

All the Republicans have to do is recognize and win a larger share of the ever-increasing Hispanic vote, and they’re in like Flint. The thought goes that the Hispanic community shares much in common with core Conservative/Republican values of hard work, family/religious importance, entrepreneurship, low taxes, right-to-life, etc. The thought also goes that all the Repubs have to do is to moderate their perceived hostility to Hispanics by altering their immigration/”path to citizenship” stance, and Hispanics will rush towards them like the bottled-up waters behind a great dam rushing to the other side once the floodgates are opened up.

Even the great Charles Krauthammer says that Republicans need to embrace the “A” word.

Simple as pie. Just do that and the Repubs’ share of the Hispanic vote in 2016 goes from 2012’s fatal 29% back to close to George W’s 44% in 2004 and all will be great again in Conservo-land. And with Cuban immigrant Marco Rubio as R nominee in 2016, with his boyish grin, movie-star good looks, obvious natural tie to the H community and terrific public speaking ability, it won’t even be close The referee will stop the fight in the 2nd round, it will be so uneven. “Sorry son, it’s all over.”

Only one small problem–it is highly doubtful that any of this will come to pass.

The liberal media will go on such an unprecedented offensive tear to paint the R’s Hispanic outreach efforts as phony and transparent, it will make their positive treatment of Obama during the ’08 and ’12 campaigns look like Amateur Hour. Story after story, headline after headline will read, “Another awkward attempt at outreach….”, “Republicans try desperately to reverse past sins….”, “Conciliation with Hispanics obviously a foreign language to Republican Party stalwarts….”, “Hispanic Strategy comes off as contrived, insincere…”

And so on. It will be a liberal media effort for the ages, and it will be admirable and historic for its utter abandonment of any pretense of objective news reporting. And, I’m afraid, for its effectiveness.

However, in addition…there is another undeniable obstacle in the Republicans’ path: Regardless of how sincere and honorable Republicans’ 2016 motives and strategy is, do they really think that the Hispanic bloc is just going to tow the R line, willy-nilly, automatically, just because Haley Barbour lets loose a few “We love the Hispanic community” comments in his thickly-drawled Southern imitation of English, while Brian Williams and Nina Totenberg play the clip and snicker derisively?

The “Repubs are anti-Hispanic” line has been very carefully cultivated for several years now by the liberal MSM. It’s been impossible for Repubs to separate their position on the issue of illegal immigration/border security (which most Americans are actually in favor of) from their perceived anti-Hispanic bent. It’s very doubtful that the Repubs can turn that around in one quick election cycle simply be nominating Rubio. As I said, you ain’t seen nothin’ yet, as far as MSM character assassination and distortion as you will from the MSM in 2016 if the Repubs put forth a concerted “win the Hispanic vote” effort.

By the way, it’s already started: Rubio was asked by a liberal reporter just the other day “How old he thought the earth was,” and then the headline “accused” him of being a Creationist.

Those Neanderthal, anti-women, religious zealot, ignorant Republicans. Even Rubio: Hispanic Republicans are no better than White Republicans. Unenlightened. Ignorant. Want to foist their extreme views on you without your permission.

Two weeks after the election and the liberal MSM is already laying the groundwork for Rubio’s destruction.

This will be one tough uphill slog, and may not be winnable.