Allen West has conceded to Patrick Murphy after one of the most high-profile and expensive House races in history. Yet somehow this one-term-and-done former Congressman is still getting mentioned as a possible 2016 candidate.

Some are saying Mitt Romney should just go away. Can’t the same be said for the lightening-rod, Allen West?


  • Steve M.

    West and Wasserman-Schultz can get on a boat together and sail away screaming obnoxious tirades at each other … that is the extent of their use to their respective parties.

  • Anonymous
    • Anonymous

      I just can’t believe some people aren’t upset by an obvious rigging of an election.

      • Anonymous

        Oh, I agree that it doesn’t pass the smell test. But, unless he has proof, he needed to concede.
        What the GOP has to do, especially since we control so many state houses, is find a way to ensure honest elections.

        • Anonymous

          If the GOP doesn’t want him he would be a great candidate for the TEA Party in 2016.

  • Anonymous

    He is a lightening-rod because he speaks the truth and isn’t afraid to say things that the rest of us agree with. This is another case of libs stealing an election. They two more hours to finish the count on Saturday and stopped with a BS excuse that they couldn’t finish before alarms would go of at the site (forget that they stayed a lot later on election night with no alarm). Sunday they finished in less then two hours but, OPPS, there was an issue with one card. Because of this “issue” they failed to meet the Noon deadline. You can’t say this wasn’t intentional.

    • Common Sense

      You sir are delusional. I’m a conservative and I am sick and tired of fringe conservatives like you kidnapping common sense and beating the crap out of it.

      Don’t you think that if this were just another case of liberals stealing an election that Mr. West would have continued fighting? Either you are completely out of your mind, or Mr. West is a fraud and not the conservative fighter people like you thought he was. Which is it?

    • David Kaiser, Editor

      “While there are certainly still inaccuracies in the results and the actions of the St. Lucie County and Palm Beach County Supervisors of Elections rightly raise questions in my mind and for many voters, after much analysis and this past weekend’s recount in St. Lucie County, our legal team does not believe there are enough over-counted, under-counted or
      fraudulent votes to change the outcome of the election.” – A statement from Allen West.

      • Anonymous

        If they would have finished on Saturday they would have triggered the automatic recount. West was just being a class act. He will be back next cycle.

        • Common Sense

          Yeah, that West is a class act.

          (1) “YOU ARE NOT A LADY”: In July 2011, West responded to a perceived slight from Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz (R-FL) with a fiery letter in which he threatened her and scolded, “You have proven repeatedly that you are not a Lady, therefore, shall not be afforded due respect from me!” West later said he had apologized, but Wasserman-Schultz said she had not received one.

          (2) JOSEPH GOEBBELS WOULD “BE VERY PROUD” OF DEMOCRATS: In December, West told reporters, “If Joseph Goebbels was around, he’d be very proud of the Democrat party, because they have an incredible propaganda machine.” The link to Goebbels, Adolf Hitler’s Minister of Propaganda from 1933 to 1945, drew criticism from several members of Congress, the Anti-Defamation League, and others.

          (3) LIBERALS “GET THE HELL OUT”: Speaking at the Palm Beach County GOP’s Lincoln Day Dinner in last month, West said of liberals, “Take your message of equality of achievement. … You can take it to Europe, you can take it to the bottom of the sea, you can take it to the North Pole, but get the hell out of the United States of America.” West later tried to walk back the statement, claiming he was only referring to “the message” and not liberals themselves.

          (4) “A THREAT TO THE GENE POOL”: In a July 2011 post on the website Red Country, West wrote, “I must confess, when I see anyone with an Obama 2012 bumper sticker, I recognize them as a threat to the gene pool.”

          (5) “I’M GOING TO KILL YOU”: Before running for Congress, West had a 22-year career in the military, but left after he abused an Iraqi detainee: “This is it. I’m going to count to five again, and if you don’t give me what I want, I’m going to kill you.” He then fired a shot “a foot” over the detainee’s head.

          (6) “NUTS!”: West has often clashed with opponents over the issue of Islam. In August 2011, a chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations asked West to sever ties with anti-Muslim activists. In response, West sent a letter which read only, “I am writing to you with regard [sic] your recent letter: NUTS!” Why West chose this response is a mystery, although he might have been quoting a World War II general who responded that way when the Nazis told him to surrender.

          (7) “WE ARE NOT GOING TO HAVE OUR MEN BECOME SUBSERVIENT”: In April 2011, West told a conservative women’s conference that liberal women “have been neutering American men and bringing us to the point of this incredible weakness — to let them know that we are not going to have our men become subservient. That’s what we need you to do. Because if you don’t, then the debt will continue to grow…deficits will continue to grow.”

          (8) “BLINDLY FOLLOWING A COMMANDER IN CHIEF”: Talking with radio host Mark Levin last month, West said Generals “have to be very careful about blindly following a commander in chief that really does not have the best intent for our military.” What West did not mention was that officers are constitutionally bound to follow the President’s orders unless they are illegal.

          (9) I AM “THE MODERN-DAY HARRIET TUBMAN”: Speaking with O’Reilly Factor guest host Laura Ingraham in August 2011, West said the Democratic party is a “21st-century plantation.” He added, “So I’m here as the modern-day Harriet Tubman, to kind of lead people on the Underground Railroad, away from that plantation into a sense of sensibility.”

          (10) “LET THEM GET SHOT AT”: In May 2011, the House narrowly defeated a proposal which would have required President Obama to submit a timetable for withdrawal from Afghanistan. Of those who voted for the bill, West said, “I would take these gentlemen over and let them get shot at a few times and maybe they’d have a different opinion.” This was just months after the shooting of former Rep. Gabby Giffords.

          (11) “WE ALSO SHOULD BE CENSORING THE AMERICAN NEWS AGENCIES”: In response to the whistleblower website Wikileaks releasing thousands of pages of diplomatic cables, West declared: “And I think that we also should be censoring the American news agencies which enabled [Julian Assange] to do this and also supported him and applauding him for the efforts.” West later claimed he only called for “censuring” the media. Either way, it would be a First Amendment violation.

          (12) “I DON’T KNOW IF IT WAS A KIDNAPPING ATTEMPT”: When West first ran for Congress in 2008, the Arab news network Al Jazeera asked for an interview. West recalled, “But my b.s. flag really went up when [Al Jazeera] said they wanted my address, to pick me up at night. They said they would send a car but wouldn’t tell me where it was going. I don’t know if it was a kidnapping attempt. But I am not going to entrust Al Jazeera with my life. I said, ‘Cancel the interview!’”

          (13) RELIGIOUS COEXISTENCE “WOULD GIVE AWAY OUR COUNTRY”: During a March 2011 town hall, West talked about the “Coexist” movement, saying of their bumper stickers: “Every time I see one of those bumper stickers, I look at the person inside that is driving. Because that person represents something that would give away our country. Would give away who we are, our rights and freedoms and liberties because they are afraid to stand up and confront that which is the antithesis, anathema of who we are.”

          (14) “GEORGE BUSH GOT SNOOKERED”: During the same town hall, Westclaimed: “George Bush got snookered into going into some mosque, taking his shoes off, and then saying that Islam was a religion of peace.”

          (15) DEMOCRATS SUPPORT “MOST INSIDIOUS FORM OF SLAVERY”: Just yesterday, West accused Democrats of supporting the worst form of slavery known today. “The Democratic appetite for ever-increasing redistributionary handouts is in fact the most insidious form of slavery remaining in the world today,” West said

          • Anonymous

            Truth hurts huh?

            • Steve M.

              You are really going to defend everything he has said? That is laughable.
              If you had said, “He makes some crazy comments sometimes, but I appreciate his willingness/ability to take a stand” or something of the like … I could see it as realistic. But c’mon Troy — the old line about the “The Truth” is stale.
              Firstly it doesn’t apply to half of the things that Common Sense listed (The line about killing a soldier while in combat, his response of “Nuts”) … so when it’s your blanket response to anything anyone says about West … it makes anything else you say on the subject similarly useless. Including all of your lines about election rigging…

            • Common Sense

              That’s all truth? You are scum.

          • Anonymous

            Cut and paste much, “Common Sense”?