The two highest ranked potential candidates for the 2016 Republican nomination had very, very different types of weekends, with Chris Christie drawing criticism for a Saturday Night Live appearance and Marco Rubio getting strong reviews at a record-setting Iowa fundraiser.

Christie has seen much of the strong reputation he built as a key Romney surrogate get washed away like much of sand on the Jersey Shore. First he took hits for his buddy treatment of President Obama just days before the election on November sixth, and now his clowning appearance on SNL was criticized as callous, as constituents in his state continue to suffer with out power, with gas shortages and with the damage to homes and businesses.

Rubio had several Iowa Republicans calling him the future of the party after his remarks at Governor Terry Branstad’s birthday fundraiser. “I just think he’s the future,” Branstad, the Republican Governor of Iowa, told TheDC. “He’s the kind of leadership that we need, and I think he’s a very intelligent, articulate, and he is a great example of the American dream, and that’s exactly what we have to make available for more and more people.”