I’ve been enamored with the idea of General David Petraeus as a candidate on the GOP ticket for some time now. I constantly listed him on my own, private list of potential VP candidates for Mitt Romney, especially given Mitt’s light foreign policy resume. But when it became obvious that the campaign was going to be all about the economy, that thought faded.

As Romney went down in defeat to Barack Obama, I was already collecting the list of GOP horses for 2016 in my head. Yes, I am a glutton for punishment, just for the record. And while the obvious names percolated to the top, Petreaus’ name was one still floating in the troposphere of my brain. And why wouldn’t it? One of the most successful military leaders in the last 25 years of our nation’s history, now the head of the CIA, who appears to be a smart, rational and capable leader.

That was until last week, when Petreaus resigned and it was revealed that he had been having an extramarital affair. And even more interesting is the news that many top officials have known about the affair for month.

The David Petraeus case is yet another in a long line of promising political careers dashed by the sad loss of judgement and self control, which has claimed the careers of people like Gary Hart, Eliot Spitzer, and Mark Sanford.

Scratch one dark horse off the 2016 race card.