2016 Power Rankings


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Yes, you read that right. Our first edition of the 2016 rankings are coming soon. Who would you include on both sides of the aisle?


  • Alaina

    I’m with Reese (aka WhoDat)… I’m still licking my wounds and will be for awhile… I’ve been trying to avoid all news and blogs, but I can’t help it…. it’s such an ingrained habit and I don’t know what to do with the free time.
    – Bob McDonnell
    – Scott Walker
    – Kelly Ayotte
    – Rob Portman
    – Rand Paul
    Rejects from last year: Rick Santorum and Rick Perry
    I don’t think Rubio or Ryan will run next year. I think they’re wait until 2020 or 2024. Nor do I think Nikki Hayley, Brian Sandoval and Suana Martinez will run since they’re so new to their role as Governor. Same thing with Pence since he just got elected. However, I expect to see all on the national stage by 2024.
    I’d be happy to have any of them as President, except the Ricks.
    Also, Christie might run, but he’s moderate and I think too many people will remember him slobbering all over Obama after Sandy, especially since you could aruge that his so-called leadership during Sandy was why put him over the top (although I don’t personally think that the President has much of a role and a photo op isn’t leadership).
    – Andrew Cuomo
    – Rahm Emmanuel
    – Corey Booker
    – Joe Biden
    – Martin O’Malley
    – Debbie Blabbermouth Shultz
    – Julian Castro
    – Antonio Villaraigosa
    – Mark Warner
    – Amy Klobuchar
    I don’t think Hillary will run again. She’s old and tired and I think she’ll high tail it out of the State Department next year and she’ll be done with politics.

  • German Observer

    Serious question: is Chris Christie completely out?

    He could easily make the case that he was serious about ‘country first’ in the hours when his state literally drowned away. He can make the case, that he displayed the ability to work bipartisan. He can credibly claim that winning a very blue state and acting regardless of party-affiliation in the hours of a crisis makes him an attractive candidate for Independents and even Democrats.

    Just a few months before many on here were hoping for Christie to make a late-entry into the weak field of candidates. Is he completely burned now or is there a chance that those who call him traitor today will change their mnds in three years time?

  • Poppie

    Where’s Jeb???

  • http://www.facebook.com/reese.turner.9889 Reese Turner

    Jason, give me a break! Many of us are still licking our wounds and you ask this? As a dear old friend in Joisey could say so eloquently, “Get the _____ outa here!”

    My knee jerk is that no jerk from 2012 need apply. We discharged them all and chose Romney and, at this moment, I honestly do not think one of the also-rans would have done better. No, let us see who will fight the good fight against the new Evil Empire. So, my stable is bare – not one horse, but a plethora of horses as___ who will pretend. Let’s see them run in the heat and the mud before we invite them into the gates….

    At this moment, however, I could make an argument that we simply let Boehner et al roll over and give the Dems everything they want. Raise the debt level to 50 Trillion, borrow all we can from China, subsidize all the pals and pols and losers they want, and lower our defense to a bare minimum. Instead of this drip-drip-drip of overspending and socialism which will lead someday to a Greece-like chaos, lets cut the gestation period short. Let’s get to chaos as soon as we can so we can perhaps get control and get out of it. Let’s let the minorities and women and students who are entitled to so much without equal effort reap the full rewards of socialism. Let’s tax winners to the point they have nothing today and no interest or capital to invest in tomorrow. Let’s redefine true success as the failure of a system which has been so altruistic that we fund the study of sex habits of insects and fund the life styles of those who hate us. Let’s forget about 2016 as if things might get better and accept that we are now socialist, we are all fully equal, we must forget our selfish drives for success and a better life and focus on encouraging sloth and entitlement. Why fight? Live for today, leave nothing for tomorrow and those who follow…. Let’s be European in our thinking. Problem is, the Euros always had us to help bail them out. Who do we have?

    • Anonymous

      If you remember, I said earlier that NOBODY from 2008 need apply. I didn’t think Romney had a shot then and I wasn’t convinced he could pull it off now. I backed him because I had no other choice (and really I was backing Ryan).

    • Anonymous

      Epic meltdown Whodat. I imagine you breathing heavy behind your keyboard while typing it out. Embrace Rand Paul in 2016 or lose again. :)

      • Raúl Ramírez

        I’m guessing the who guy public made a gay joke won’t go far.

      • German Observer

        Its very hard, if your side loses, believe my, I know what I am talking about. Thats one of the reasons , why its a good idea to stay humble, when your side wins. I have to admid this is hard sometimes. But reading Whodats rampages compensates for that. Classy!

      • Arthur

        Although I am a Ron Paul supporter, rand isn’t Ron. Rand needs to earn a consistent long conservative record. He is well on his way but it’s premature to dub him a presidential candidate.

        Still in the absence of other real conservative candidates, rand has a head start.

        Regardless with this crowd we need to present his record. And we may want to wait a couple weeks for them to get over their loss

    • Anonymous

      I agree with Whodat, 100%. The House GOP should announce that from now until the 2014 midterms the House GOP will rubber stamp EVERYTHING Obama wants and will green-light his entire agenda. The people have spoken and its time to give them that for which they asked.

      • German Observer

        Well Brian, a good start would be to come back to what makes politics’ inner nature: compromise. Nobody asks for more.

  • German Observer

    Whats about Ron Paul?

    I think this election cycle showed its time for a candidatem with true convictions, a consistent resume and a base of loyal supporters.

  • Anonymous

    Paul Ryan, Rand Paul, Mike Pence, Allen West, Mark Rubio and Bobby Jindal for Republicans

    Hillary Clinton, Joe Biden, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, Martin O’Malley for Liberals

  • fitzwdarcey

    I’m going to be the wet blanket that says that it is so sad that this country was denied the Romney Ryan administration. I’m not ready to think about 2016.

  • Steve M.

    I think in light of the WSJ Editorial, Rubio would have to be near the top. The Hispanic community is most ripe for a move toward the GOP, if they could just figure out a way to move past the immigration issue. I don’t understand the hatred for Christie after the Hurricane and I’m sure Ryan will make a play. On the Democratic side, I think Bill Clinton’s success and popularity in the campaign right now would make Hillary a top pick, Cuomo and O’Malley both seem likely candidates as well.

    • Anonymous

      The Democrat Party would shoot themselves in the foot by nominating a 69 year old woman retread. Besides, Benghazi has removed her from any serious run at the Presidency. She should have shaken herself from the Obama debacle about a year ago.

      • David Kaiser, Editor

        Just like when everyone said the Democratic party would shoot themselves
        in the foot for nominating a first term senator who was previously a
        Chicago Community Organizer?

        • Raúl Ramírez


        • Anonymous

          The fact that an unknown first time Senator who was previously a Chicago Community Organizer could get elected on such a thin resume demonstrates a political reality that would not bode well for a Hillary nomination, or that of McCain in 2008. Politics is now a younger generation’s game. Mitt Romney, in his early 60’s is the last of the GOP old guard, paving the way for the young, idealistic, and energetic candidates.

          No doubt conventional wisdom and history made a 2008 Obama (who?) victory very unlikely. But, as a result of the 2008 outcome, a trend in the body politic was exposed.

          If Hillary could not win in 2008 after spending eight years as a very respected Senator I can not see how she would expect to do better at 69 years old and having the Benghazi disaster under her watch and a very questionable job as Secretary of State. In four years Iran will have nukes that went unstopped under her watch as well as a middle east governed by Islamic extremists. Not exactly a job performance to run for President under.

          I honestly do not recall people claiming the Democrat Party had “shot itself in the foot” by nominating Obama. If my memory serves correctly I quite remember a complete love affair with Obama in 2008. I remember “Hope and Change” and “Yes We Can” and “Thrills” up legs, and “Obama Girl”, and on and on and on… In fact, Bill Clinton himself referred to the Obama campaign and its flock as the “biggest fairy tale” he had ever seen.

          Perhaps I am wrong. Perhaps people will be craving for Hillary in 2016. In my opinion her best shot was in 2008 and her even making a run in 2016 is mere speculation. I suspect, as with most two term Presidents, by the 2014 mid-terms Obama fatigue will well be established and anyone with ties so close to his administration will likely not be top choices for a 2016 run.

          Again. I could be wrong. But, to assume she, or anyone, is the leading candidate among a group of non candidates is a bit silly at this point.

    • Anonymous

      I completely agree with Rubio, for the same reasons that you mention.

      Christie went overboard in his complicity with Obama’s Sandy photo-op.
      That, in and of itself, was understandable to the extent that he has to play the game in order to help his state (although, that speaks volumes about our government).

      But, the unpardonable sin is his unabashed man-crush on Springsteen.

      “We hugged,” Christie said. “He told me it’s official: We’re friends. I told the president today, actually, that the hug was great and when we got home, there was a lot of weeping because of the hug. And the president asked why. I said, ‘Well, to be honest, I was the one doing the weeping.’ ”

      Give me a honkin’ break.

  • Chuck

    At this point anyone but Chris “I love you Barry” Christie….For the Dems??..Who Cares