The final PD Composite is largely driven by the 18 polls released over the past seven days. Of those polls, President Obama leads four, Governor Romney leads six, and eight are tied. All but three are within the margin of error, or a statistical tie, and of the three that aren’t, Obama leads in two and Romney in one and in each the lead is by one point or less outside the margin of error. In other words, all polls show the popular vote is a dead heat.



  • William Kone

    From what i’ve seen here in North East Ohio, Obama is going to win. His voters turned out in droves Saturday and the black churches (and liberal ones – the UCC, Obama’s denomination,) did a “Souls to the Polls” on sunday. Where the ministers preached about the need to vote, then started shuttle runs to the early in person voting sites during the church service.

    My home has been visited by five different Obama supporters doing GOTV, but only one Romney and he was really working for the State Assembly GOP candidate.

    The Obama Yard signs and bumper stickers are about equal to the Romney, but i’ve seen several Gary Johnson signs in yards in the area. (most of those had Ron Paul signs till about a month ago) So that says something about their loyalty.

    I’m going to go on a limb but say if Romney loses the state, it will be by the % of Johnson votes. (I don’t see Romney getting the major cities and Metro areas, and that will cost him the state.

  • Anonymous

    538 has Obama at a 90% chance of winning. So after tonight will Republican stop pretending they thought Romney was a good candidate?

  • Reese Turner

    Hey, Hey, Hey, today’s the big day!
    Have you voted yet, by the way?

    Did you, will you, vote Romney/Ryan?
    It’s so important you do, I ain’t lyin’!!!

    Didn’t you hear? Somethin’ you missed?
    Oblama’s taking us to pure SOCIALIST!

    I don’t want to scare you, well just a bit,
    Perhaps, but it’s our last chance. That’s it!

    After today, if Oblama wins, the inmates
    Will run the whole asylum and it’s gates.

    If we go socialist, who will do the work?
    We’ll be taxed to death by that liberal jerk!

    So, please go vote. Take some friends, too!!!
    It’s up to you and me and more than a few!


    • Anonymous

      Like cool lemonade on a hot August day
      Is a Whodat poem being read right away!