Tonight marks the final Presidential Debate. The live conversation starts here on Political Derby at 9:00 pm ET.

Foreign policy is the theme, which leads to several questions:

  • How many times will President Obama tout: “Bin Laden is dead”?
  • Will Governor Romney be successful in moving the conversation to the terrorist attack on American soil in Libya?
  • Are there any major differences between the candidates, or will they end up agreeing with each other most of the night?
  • Will both candidates continue to show a lack of understanding of the benefits of trade by continually pounding China for making American lives better through the production of lower cost goods?

Finally, a contest. Jason Wright will send a signed copy of his newest book, The 13th Day of Christmas to whomever can the most accurately predict which candidate is allowed more speaking time and by how much (to the nearest second). Entries must be posted in the comments prior to 8:55 pm ET. If someone has already posted a prediction and you duplicate it, your entry will be invalid.


  • Jacosta

    I think Obama will get 3-4 minutes more speaking time, but will flatline or drop in the polls, with Romney gaining more momentum with voters. Look for a strong Romney win in November due to voters “thinking” logically about the most important issues (jobs, economy, deficit, spending, Mideast, etc) and less concerned about Big Bird, Romney’s taxes, his dog, abortion, contraception, or “47%”!

  • German Observer

    a) He will mention it 2-3 time. Everybody knows it anyway, and Obama is aware of that.

    b) Yes, Romney will try to do so and he will succeed. Ths is a topic that has to be discusssed and I’m curios which spin this will get.

    c) Yes, there will major differences show up, between a quite simplictic world view and rather unskilled approach to handle things vs. a rather skilled and wise way, which indeed raised the respect the US has gained after th edesastrous Bush -years – though not everything was perfect though. THIS is the point Obama will tzry ti stress again anad again, rather than the Osama-thing, which everybody knows analyway.

    d) Obama will get 1,55 more time.

    e) Romney will try to guide the discussion to domestic issues – and I think Obama would like to follow, as foreign politics is not the no 1, 2 or 3 prioritiy of this elections.

    f) The question is how often we will hear the phrase “Romney held his good” for parotting some things in the debate, from the various panels on TV.

    g) Unless a major gafee, the debate will not have a major impact, I ‘m afraid.

  • Aleshia Huffman

    Obama will get 2 mins 32 secs more

  • Raúl Ramírez

    Obama will get 8:15 more than Romney and mention Osama is dead at least 6 times. Romney will try to bring up Libya again, but Obama will talk over him and not let him make any points. Both candidates will continue to talk about how they have better credentials in creating a trade war with China.

  • Eric Cooper

    President Obama will get 3.5 minutes more time in the debate. (Thanks to the moderator, of course.)

    • Raúl Ramírez

      Are you sure it won’t be, as CNN claims, because he talks more slowly?

  • Barb

    Prediction: Obama gets exactly 60 seconds more than Romney.

  • Steve Feinstein

    Romney needs to remind everyone that Bin Laden’s death is an EVENT, not a POLICY. Our relations with the world–Russia, Iran, Syria, Libya, Israel, etc– are worse under his policy than they were four years ago.