• Anonymous

    To me, Romney looked Reagan-esque. And yes, I am old enough to remember Reagan making those kinds of speeches.

    • German Observer

      Its so funny, how ones attitude guides ones perception.

      Eddie, I try to be as neutral and fair, as I manage to be – and still say, that I don’t agree with you.

      I think, what we might agree on ( at least the both if us, not so sure about other participants) is, that both speeches were written by some speech writers (e.g. staff of the respective candidates), that the maximum the candidates did, was to sort out some proposed jokes, put another in and improvise within the situation for 10% max. So, they didn’t do that on their own. And maybe, we even might agree on, that both speeches were damn funny. I have to admit, that I had a few good chuckles when Romney was on stage and I hadsome good laughs when it was Obamas turn. So thats it, what we might perceive as same, right?

      Now, where the difference is, you as a Republican perceive Romney as a fine presenter of the speech and compare him with Reagan, while I (as an Obama supporter) perceive and say, he did deliver quite wooden. Have a second look. Thats not what Romney is build for, he is no joke-teller, he is not the guy to have a beer with, its not in his skin to deliver funny speeches at charity events. Thats not good, thats not bad as such, it is just his nature. Compare that with Obama. He seems to feel much more natural, he enjoys himself and is in ease with the situation. He is not Fozzy bear and certainly wasn’t the class clown at school

      Eddie, I’m born in 1970, so I remember Reagan a bit and saw quite a few clips. Reagan was a guy, who had it under his skin, he was a naturaly funny guy, he enjoyed it to entertain people and i have to admit, he was a relatively likable guy. I have seen Ronald Reagan, I observed Ronald Reagan as a politician, I heared Ronald Reagan tell jokes. Gouvernor Romney is no Ronald Reagan.

      Perception is so much guided by attitude, and PD is delivering example after example after example …

  • Alaina

    Who knew Romney had such a good sense of humor..

    • German Observer

      Who knew that Romney had some speech-writers employed …

      • Raúl Ramírez

        Wow. You’ve turned quite angry and cynical over the past couple of days.

        • German Observer

          May be. But what else would be an appropriate answer to a comment like the one above.

  • David Kaiser, Editor

    Honorable mention to Romney’s comment that the FEC made him play a recording of “I’m Mitt Romney and I approve this message,” after each time Joe Biden spoke.

  • David Kaiser, Editor

    This is always one of my favorite events of the campaign, it is fun to see the candidates let their hair down a bit and poke fun at themselves and each other. Oh, and Joe Biden.

    Favorite Obama one-liner: “Governor Romney’s name Mitt is actually his middle name. I wish I could use my middle name.”

    Favorite Romney one-liner: “By the way, in the spirit of Sesame Street, the President’s remarks tonight are brought to you by the letter ‘O’ and the number ’16 trillion'”