Mitt Romney had now led President Obama in 10 straight daily Gallup Polls. Today he took his biggest lead at 52%-45%. With 19 days to go until the election, Romney appears to suddenly be the leader.

Edit: Real Clear Politics now has North Carolina moving to Romney, resulting in Romney’s first projected electoral college lead. However, the 131 electoral votes of 10 “toss up” states are not included in either candidate total.


  • German Observer

    Ah, come on guys. We all know these numbers are screwed.

    I recalculated the numbers to eliminate the Romney-leaning bias with a very secret formular and as a result, Obama is leading by twelve points nationwide and by 112 votes in the electoral college.

    • Alaina

      Oh, so when they surveyed 11% more Dems than Republicans and Obama was ahead, they were right. Now that Romney is ahead, they are skewed? Typical.

      • German Observer

        Oh, so when they constantly surveyed Obama ahead 2-3% nationwide and 5% on average in most of the swing-states, the numbers were screwed, Now that Romney is ahead, they are right, at least nobody complaints? Typical.

  • Trudy

    I am still concerned about the voting may be manipulated somehow by the Obama team. They are are dishonest to the core so I would put nothing past them. If they are behind in polls, this only means their tricks get dirtier. I laugh every time Obama said that Romney wasn’t telling the truth, when in reality Obama doesn’t even know what truth is.

    • gururussell

      I especially worry about fraud with the early voting in Ohio.

    • German Observer

      Thats cool! Republicans complaining about manipulation of elections. Too funny!

      • Alaina

        I can think of several cases where Dems have been prosecuted for voter fraud… can’t think of any off hand by Republicans. Plus, dead people and illegals tend to vote for Dems much more than Republicans.

  • Anonymous

    Holy Cannoli, Batman. It’s all coming down like a house of cards for Oblama!

  • Sammy Stewart

    Economy matters. That’s pretty darn cool, Scott!