Nearly all commentators that don’t work for the Obama campaign agree that Mitt Romney won the debate and won it handily.

Washington Times: ‘Obama the debater: Making Jimmy Carter look awesome’

CNN: ‘Romney engaged the incumbent while Obama looked down at his lectern. The challenger was a more forceful debater while Obama appeared less than engaged.’

Politico: ‘Obama hit with left hook on TV, online

USA Today: ‘Romney plays strong offense

National Journal: ‘Republican nominee Mitt Romney hit his stride Wednesday night. Where President Obama was flat

Washington Post: ‘Romney goes on offense, forcing Obama to defend record

The Hill: ‘Romney lands punches against subdued Obama

Daily Beast: ‘This was a disaster for the president

Meanwhile a Democratic operative claimed Romney ‘came in with a chainsaw‘ and the Obama campaign blamed the moderator.


  • Anonymous

    Not only that, but Chris Matthews just exposed MSNBC exactly for what it is: the re-election media station for Oblama. Listen to his comments – Click here

    1. “Matthews then demanded that President Obama start watching cable news, specifically his program. “Where was Obama tonight? He should watch — well, not just Hardball, Rachel, he should watch you, he should watch the Reverend Al [Sharpton], he should watch Lawrence. He would learn something about this debate.”
    2. “Obama should watch MSNBC, my last point. He will learn something every night on this show and all these shows. This stuff we’re watching, it’s like first grade for most of us. We know all this stuff.”

    Plain as day, getting lost on the floor of the post-debate-cle known as Obama’s Last Stand, is the revelation of just how one-sided and pro-Obama MSNBC is. He wasn’t even hiding it. There wasn’t even a hint of objectivity. It was blunt and blatant – “President Obama, watch us if you want to be re-elected.”

    This clip should be shown all over the internet – not just for the silly Chris Matthews whining like a school girl, but for the sheer audacity to broadcast to a nation their unhindered devotion and desperation for the president to win. Anything less than a massacre, and they would have been trumpeting a presidential victory.

    They had nothing, and they knew it. Exposed for all to see.

  • Anonymous

    After last night, I’m filled with the audacity of hope! Its a good day, tater.