President Obama still leads in recent polling, but that lead has been reduced and is within the margin of error. In a race this close, will the debates prove to sway the last undecided voters?

Rasmussen provides its analysis of the race:

Currently, 43% of voters are “certain” they will vote for Romney. Forty-two percent (42%) are that certain they will vote for Obama. The remaining 15% are either uncommitted or open to changing their mind. To many Americans, especially partisan activists, it is hard to imagine how someone could be anything but certain at this point in time. One of the distinguishing features of these potentially persuadable voters is that they don’t see the choice between Romney and Obama as terribly significant. In terms of impacting their own life, just 28% say it will be Very Important which man wins.

Univision continues to dig into Fast and Furious, where the mainstream media does not.

MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough mocks Mitt Romney’s performance at a campaign event where the muted crowd audio completely distorts the reality of what actually occurred.

Finally, Hugo Chavez says he would vote for Obama and he thinks Obama would vote for him. This is the same person who has nationalized companies in oil, agriculture, heavy industry, gold, steel, telecommunications, power, transportation, and tourism.