With President Obama consistently showing a lead in most polls, including recent swing state polling, Politico calls next week’s first Presidential debate in Denver ‘Do or Die‘ for Mitt Romney. As a reminder, we will have a debate open thread for each of the three presidential debates.

The Washington Post details how ‘excitement over [the] presidential race wanes on college campuses,’ which could effect President Obama as the 18-29 year old demographic typically votes heavily for Democrats. The Post reports a Gallup poll showing 63% of registered voters between 18-29 ‘definitely plan to vote’, down from the 79% in 2008, which is a factor in the potential poll bias discussed yesterday on Political Derby.

Gary Johnson is suing to get into the presidential debates.

More ‘tolerance’ is on display in US politics as black Republican Congressional candidate Mia Love was sent an envelope with a “photo showing Love, her husband, a hooded Klu Klux Klan member as well as pictures of aborted fetuses.”

US economic growth was even more sluggish in Q2 than Q1, dropping from 2.0% to 1.3%.

Finally, John Stossel calls the effects of unions on workers: “Strangulation by union.”