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  • Steve M.

    This is exactly the kind of ad that Romney has yet to master. Every “talk to you” ad he attempts comes off feeling awkward — like your boss is telling you about the corporate philosophy.
    I may have some disagreements about Scott’s comments, but on the whole, he’s right. This (just like almost every other ad) is a cherry picking of convenient statistics and policies lacking detail. But you leave the ad feeling warm and fuzzy about the future and like this president has us on the road to success.

    • https://twitter.com/#!/PD_Scott Scott A. Robinson, Editor

      You’re right on about Obama’s communication skills and about almost every political ad. You can poke similar holes in many, if not most, of them. Though this one is so wrought with misinformation, I couldn’t take it and ranted.

  • https://twitter.com/#!/PD_Scott Scott A. Robinson, Editor

    In terms of presentation, this is a fantastic ad. It is believable and addresses many things that will make people feel good. I’ve always said that the Obama campaign team is the best marketing team of all time. But let’s look at what the President is really saying in this ad.

    Obama throws out jobs being lost when he took office. But he does not mention that about 8 million fewer people are working today than when he took office and a job has been lost for nearly every single job created over the 3½ years of his Presidency. In other words, nothing has improved. What has actually happened is fewer people are working, reducing economic output, and leaving us worse off.

    Romney’s plan has tax cuts for everyone but Obama only talks about “tax cuts for the wealthy,” a convenient omission. Obama claims Romney would double down on the policies of the past that led us to the current financial crisis. That would be all well and good, except the housing bubble’s burst is what led to the current economic problems. The housing bubble was created by the “fair housing act” signed by Jimmy Carter and strengthened by Bill Clinton that forced banks to make loans to people who couldn’t afford them for the sake of “being fair”. This increased the buying pool, which increased demand for houses, which artificially increased the value of houses dramatically. On top of that, by being forced to lend to riskier people, banks created several new products to manage their risk that were more volatile. Eventually the bubble burst. So this is another false claim.

    Obama claims he will “add 1 million manufacturing jobs”. But if this were so easy, why hasn’t he done it over the past four years? This an empty promise. He claims he will “double exports”. Again, why hasn’t this already been done? The only way the US will double exports is if it can find ways to make things cheaper than other countries. For that to happen, wages would have to be reduced significantly and other costs of manufacturing would have to magically drop.

    Obama claims he will “give tax breaks to companies who invest in America”. This is the same President who gave $339 million to Fisker Automotive, to build cars in Finland.

    Obama claims he will “cut oil imports in half and produce more American made energy,” but makes no mention of the cost or his already failed “green energy” boondoggles. He claims to want to use coal, yet his regulations are leading to a record number of coal plants being closed this year alone and 17% of all capacity by 2020. This will make our electricity bills skyrocket as the population will increase over the same period.

    Obama wants to hire 100,000 math and science teachers. I wonder which poll told him this would get people excited. Where are these teachers coming from? What guarantee do we have that they would be good teachers since they don’t currently have jobs?

    Obama claims he is going to cut the growth of tuition in half. Yet tuition has skyrocketed under his administration because he has made so much more money for college easily available, significantly increasing demand. It’s not bad to have more funding for colleges, but the effect of more demand on anything results cost increases, and college tuition costs have increased dramatically. In this ad he also proposes further increasing student aid, which will only serve to exaggerate the demand and cost increases. So is Obama proposing waving his magic wand to cut tuition in half? Of course not. This is yet another empty series promises intended to win the votes of young voters.

    Obama claims a plan to reduce the deficit by $4 trillion. That would mean reducing by $1 trillion per year over the next four years (obviously not all at once, since the annual federal budget is less than $4 trillion), and still leaving an annual deficit that adds to the national debt. That said, how is he going to do this when he has never once passed a budget and never once had even one Democrat vote for his budget?

    Obama claims he is going to use the “savings” from the war in Afghanistan to pay down the debt and for “nation building” in the US. Yet there is no savings. All of the war expenditures are deficit spending. So he is proposing continuing the deficit spending, which conflicts directly with the idea of reducing the deficit by $4 trillion, and increasing the debt.

    Unfortunately, few people will actually look beneath the empty promises and claims in this ad because it is presented in a nice, shiny package with the President speaking directly to you and making you feel good.