• Marni Zollinger

    Friedman is making the case that since men can be pigs and refuse to hire women that the system needed to allow men to hire women under terms that are wage-abusive otherwise the male pigs will never be incented to ever let woman have work.

    This is why, when we have exceeded a goal, it is a bad idea to dig up old conservative views meant to achieve a mid-point goal. We no longer find redeeming virtue in the Friedman’s logic and this kind of video sullies the memory of a man who truly wasn’t generally against women. This video in this blog is being used as fodder against wage-equality rather than used as time-stamped picture of the struggles at a single point. Friedman was trying to help women break the barriers of the day. He *would* be helping women break the barriers of *our* day — wage equality (Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act – passed!) if he were still with us, but you dig up this kind of video and I think you do this to suggest that Friedman would want women to continue under an unfair wage-duress, even after the goal of that idea– getting into the workplace in spite of piggish men– has been achieved.

    That isn’t just unfair to today’s women. It is unfair to Friedman.

    • Raúl Ramírez

      Marni, is it? Your comment is nothing short of hilarious, even funnier that you couldn’t even manage to put it in the right post. Are you emailing your liberal Listerv to find a response then pasting it back here?

      You should watch the video again, unplug your ears, open your eyes, and pay particular attention to when Milton Friedman uses the exact words uses as the correct post headline: “The actual effect of requiring equal pay for equal work will harm women”.

      Try listening followed by thinking.

  • kjco

    OK…so how about let’s talk about the issue he’s talking about (entitlements & stimulus & those paid off w/welfare benefits) not feelings of offense? The so called “47%” are causing the unsustainability, how long will it take to
    convince them to give up the unnecessary portion of govt payouts for the good of the
    country & vote for you? Most campaigns don’t have a generation or two to work with.

    By “attacking” you mean not wasting valuable time and resources chasing votes which have already
    been bought and paid for with funny money: debt, monetizing new debt, undeserved benefits,
    fraud? Yes, those people know where their bread is buttered & will
    vote to keep it going until the US collapses.

    He’s acknowledging there is a difference
    between a safety net & an entitlement. Entitlements are promises in order to buy votes & pump
    (funny) money into the economy but unsustainable: like hundreds of
    dollars a month in SS survivor benefits (survivors, regardless of means,
    often get more money ea. month than the deceased put into the system
    their entire life). Safety nets should be realistic and
    sustainable/means tested. He’s appealing to voters who will acknowledge that.

    Since the idea of a “lock box” on money paid in was always a lie, it never really earned the interest. Yet people feel entitled to the money they put in as well as MUCH more than the interest it would have earned. I understand, that was the current over 70 generation’s bargain, he’s not going to take it from them, they are living on that…but the rest of us know better & playing the “feelings” game is the nation’s ruin. SS/medicare were created to have a slush fund of money to buy votes with and give a false sense of security–thus the name. It’s gone! Romney isn’t trying to buy the votes of those who still demand something from nothing.

  • Steve M.

    I think this is a great ad. But I think there is even room for improvement … I’m suprised that they didn’t include a line about “Senior Citizens receiving Social Security and Medicare” in the list of people he’s attacking.
    If the campaign/party had separated themselves from this statement, claiming it was a statement out of context, in jest, etc. I’d say let it go (I’m not one for sound bite gotcha ads) … but the right has carried this message forward, so it’s fair game.