President Obama leads the major polls, though his lead in most is within the margin of error, which is considered a statistical tie. In this close of a race, with a slight advantage held by the incumbent, will the upcoming three debates (the first of which is only two weeks away) have a significant impact on the outcome? Will other events or issues change the vote? Or have people already made up their minds at this point?

Another US Embassy is under attack. This time it is Pakistan.

Rand Paul says Mitt Romney isn’t doing enough to gain the support Ron Paul followers but is this really an important demographic for Romney to spend resources on?

It is well acknowledged that Romney has a significant campaign war chest, believed to be much larger that Obama’s, with estimates has high as $180 million. With early voting starting tomorrow in two states, when can we expect his campaign to open the floodgates of these substantial funds and what is the most effective way for them to be used?