• Edgar Harris

    This is kind of silly. If anything, Obama is making a straw man argument. Almost all Americans believe in redistribution to a certain extent. We believe in redistribution when we support Public Schools, State Universities, Pell Grants, public roads, and public bridges, all things that both you and I have benefited from. When tax payers in Utah agreed to cover half the cost of the Adobe building in addition to cutting Adobe a tax break if they would guarantee us so many high paying jobs, we were supporting redistribution. Even Mitt Romney supports a progressive tax code, another form of redistribution. So Obama isn’t saying anything controversial here. The real debate isn’t whether we support redistribution, it’s the extent of redistribution that we support.

  • Jarret Herrmann

    Didnt Adam Smith also believe in wealth redistribution through a graduated tax system? Wouldnt ANY sensible individual see that if wealth pools at the top like it is now, and government does nothing, that a violent revolution by the working class would become necessary?

  • German Observer

    Oh Scott, please …

    You all look more and more desperate.

    Just a few among more differences:

    This snippet stops exactly at a point which you like to have as proof that Obama is a damned socialist, communist, stalinist whatsoever. More than Romney smippet this is taken out of context. What was he really talking about, what does it tell you abozt Obamas stand on redistribution, what comes after the quote stops ..

    Obama say, that he believes in redistribution up to A CERTAIN POINT, to the point that every person has a shot. As even holy Reagan collected some taxes to fund welfare programs, obviously holy Reagan was a damned Socialist, Comunist, Stalinist, what ever you like.

    Your quote has an age of 14 years …

    • Raúl Ramírez

      Wow. Those are some amazing leaps you took on a video posted without comment.