Tuesday open thread


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As we remember 9-11. Has it really been 11 years?

Three questions:

1. Where were you 11 years ago when the first plane struck the World Trade Center?

2. Have you visited any of the three sites? (NYC, DC, PA)

3. Is the country safer today than it was on 9-11-2001?




  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Jarret-Herrmann/100000948333321 Jarret Herrmann

    I was LOLing.
    The US will never be safe until we stop making the world unsafe for Muslims. What is it about every action having an equal and opposite reaction? 9/11 was a reaction.

  • Anonymous

    It is sad that Romney was the one that acted like a President today by not attacking Obama, while Obama gives a long interview to a Florida radio station attacking Romney. Not only that but Obama NEVER mentions 9/11.

  • AWB

    1. Having coffee with a friend
    2. No
    3. Yes in the sense of it being more difficult to do this again, but at a great cost in personal liberty

  • dw

    1. Working from home, same as today
    2. Not post 9/11
    3. Not at all. We’ve given up personal freedoms and liberties in the false sense of security – Patriot Act, TSA, etc…

  • kjco

    I was washing windows to let in the sun from that beautiful blue sky while my husband was in the EEOB briefing the head of the NSC. Talk about a bad day @work…but nothing compared to those in the towers & on the planes and their families, the first responders and all those subsequently deployed military folks who have given life & limb since.

    • kjco

      & yes, visited NYC & DC–& yes, the country is safer. Not solvent, just safer.