Politico is headlining with ‘9 states where the race will be won‘. In reality, a small number of states do determine the presidency. However, are any other states in play, such as Pennsylvania or Michigan?

President Obama slightly out-raised Mitt Romney in August, $114 million to $111 million. Does this signal a shift in popularity?

What happens when the government is a major stakeholder in a company? You get the Chevy Volt, which GM loses as much as $49,000 on each unit sold. And this is what Joe Biden is constantly bragging about (“GM is alive!”)? Unfortunately, when you hand money over a to company that is financially strapped due to a multitude of structural issues and that company does not actually fix the issues, all you have done delay its inevitable collapse.

Did you see this AP picture of Joe Biden with some bikers? We will leave the comments to you.