This is the last night of the Democrat convention, which has thus far been marked with controversy over “God” being taken out of the platform (which has already being been turned into a Republican ad) and a widely-acclaimed speech by former President Bill Clinton. Tonight President Barack Obama will officially accept the nomination in the 23K seat basketball area rather than the 70K seat football stadium, as originally planned. Will he again mark this election as the time when the oceans stop their rise and the planet begins to heal or will he provide more audacity of hope? But prior to the President, viewers will enjoy the pleasure of Vice President Joe Biden, one of the most gaffe-prone politician of our time. Will he stay on script or make headlines tomorrow?


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  1. Anonymous says:

    I bet my brother Biden would deliver a better speech. After watching Biden I thought i would be buying a Coke. I was wrong. Obama was terrible, low energy, and defeated. I almost halfway expected him to make my prediction that he would not run come true and announce he was stepping aside. This was a farewell speech. Absolutely jaw dropping bad. The cword litereally sitting on hands even through the applause lines. WOW.

    • Really? I thought it was a fairly typical speech, given with the President’s usual excellent delivery. It’s his policy I disagreed with.

      • Anonymous says:

        This is not a fairly typical event. This is not on some soap box in Iowa, this is an acceptance speech. The entire night began low energy with the Slow Joe and video. It was bad bad, folks. I know I use hyperbole quite often but I am being 100% sincere. I almost though Obama, and especially Michelle, were about to cry. Simply amazed to see him go through the motions like this. He just phoned it in. I think the election was lost by him tonight. Not cause of bad speech but because I think he is a defeated President.

        What might he know about the job #s tomorrow?

  2. According to the President, people are apparently constantly being tricked into signing mortgages they can’t afford. Weird. No one has ever forced me to sign a contract.

  3. Dear Mr. President, what is wrong with borrowing money from your parents? I’d much rather depend on my family than the government dole, which is actually borrowing from strangers who remove the guilt factor of “borrowing” their money, since you never see them.

  4. And we have reached the full-scale class warfare section of the speech.

  5. Wait, Obama claims he’s going to take money from wars and pay down the debt? This is also the guy who claimed when the debt was $10 trillion he would cut it in half, yet today it sits at $16 trillion and he wants to you believe him now?

    • Anonymous says:

      Actually, he claimed he would cut the deficit in half. Which sounds like an achievement, but in reality was saying government would only overspend about $600 billion more than it takes in rather than the $1.2 trillion when he started office. But guess what – we are still at the $1.2+ trillion mark and climbing.

  6. Obama still is taking credit for pulling out of Iraq but conveniently “forgot” to mention it was on the Bush time frame. What about Guantanamo?

  7. So Obama took over the loan program, claiming that lowered the cost of education. However, the actual cost of tuition has skyrocketed over the past 10 years due exactly to this easy money, which has increased the demand for higher education.

  8. Oh yes, I forgot, Obama regulated
    fuel economy, therefore it will happen. Actually, the automakers work on
    the average. So they will come up with some new light-weight piece of junk (or bring one over from Europe)
    that offsets the trucks and SUVs where they actually make money.

  9. Why is the President so excited about lower paying jobs like plant jobs?

  10. Obama starts with a series of shout outs.

  11. Biden just claimed Romney plans to give millionaires a $1 trillion tax cut. Wow. What won’t they make up? That would be just under half the total tax revenue taken in by the federal government!

  12. Seriously, on the bragging about killing someone. Yes, Osama was about as evil as it comes, but I’ve never seen someone brag about a death as much as Biden.

  13. Biden is bragging again on the auto bailout. The only thing successful about the GM bailout was the solvency of the UAW union, which funnels millions of their member’s dues right back into the Democrats’ coffers. GM’s stock price is in the tank. The tax payers are currently sitting on a loss of over $16 billion. GM had one good year, thanks to a tsunami in Japan that took out multiple Toyota suppliers. But now that their suppliers are back online, Toyota is back as the best car company in the world. All the “bailout” has done is to prolong the inevitable failure of GM without fixing any of the real problems.

  14. Did Biden get some botox? I’ve never seen him with so few wrinkles.

  15. Anonymous says:

    Let’s count how many times they mention “wealth re-distribution”… oh wait… it is now called “shared prosperity”.

    • Raúl Ramírez says:

      Exactly. This is “shared prosperity” as in you do the work, pay more taxes, and I’ll share in your prosperity. Who doesn’t want to vote for that?

      • Anonymous says:

        With almost 50% of the country not paying any federal income taxes, I’m wondering if they will consider ‘shared taxation’. Silly me, another faux pas in democrat speak.

        • Raúl Ramírez says:

          47 million on food stamps. Half the country doesn’t pay federal income taxes. Medicaid expanded almost without end. Why work?

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