The Democratic National Convention  opened yesterday in Charlotte with First Lady Michelle Obama leading the charge and channeling Bill Clinton’s “I feel your pain” message by telling voters that the “Obamas understand Americans’ struggles.”

The President, when asked to give himself a grade for his first term, gave himself an “incomplete.” Giving himself such a grade is beyond insulting to himself and the voters. If a President cannot give themselves a grade after nearly four years in office, said President is either running scared from their own accomplishments thus far, or telling voters that they needs another four years to accomplish anything of value. GOP Vice Presidential nominee Paul Ryan wonders the same thing.

In the wacky world of polling, one area where President Obama has enjoyed success, despite a dip in his job approval ratings, had been his personal likeability. But even that number appears to be in danger, according to an ABC/Washington Post poll.

Oh, and are you ready for some football?