The Republican Convention starts tomorrow. In a recent interview with Politico, Romney laid out part of the convention strategy, to make “the simple case to voters: Nice guy, failed president.” It will be interesting to see if it works, as the Romney campaign needs boost because much polls show him trailing the president.

Meanwhile, President Obama is looking to make inroads in Florida, a key swing state. He recently picked up the endorsement of former governor Charlie Crist. Crist will also be speaking at the Democrat Convention and may be joined, according to Big Government, by former Republican Presidential candidate Jon Huntsman.

Finally, during a speech on foreign policy at Ron Paul’s personal convention this weekend, Paul said: “Somebody… said the other day on the Internet, ‘if those Paul people had been in charge, Osama Bin Laden would still be alive. But you know what I think the answer is? So would the 3,000 people from 9/11, be alive!”