2016 The Movie


Filed Under Obama News on Aug 25 

As much as Obama supporters would like to believe that this movie is some hysterical, conservative, religious-right screed, it is not. As ironic as it sounds, this movie is actually apolitical, simply chronicling his family’s history, marriages, his birth and childhood residences, and the people his family knew and associated with.

There is no mention or value judgment whatsoever in the movie about religion, no alternative political/fiscal theories presented as “what we should do instead of Obama’s policies,” no point-by-point argument against his presidency. It is not (as I’m sure his supporters likely believe) a 2-hour long Republican political ad.

What it does present is how insulated Obama has always been from our day-in, day-out American culture and way of life. He didn’t live and grow up in this culture, for very long stretches of time, his influences and mentors were well outside the so-called mainstream of American thought, and his family (parents, step-father, full and half siblings) were/are similarly non-American-centric and -influenced.

Obama supporters will no doubt view his lack of immersion in American culture while growing up as a positive factor, one that gives him a fresh perspective, a realistic and overriding viewpoint from which to guide our country into the new reality of a vastly changed world.

His background, reference points, and perspective are certainly unique compared to any previous US president, and for those people who struggle to understand how and why he thinks as he does, 2016 is very informative.