Tuesday open thread


Filed Under Open Thread on Aug 21 

Missouri Senate candidate Todd Akin has cut a new ad asking for forgiveness. Will it be enough to change anyone’s mind? When your national party chairman is calling on you to drop out, and anyone with a check book is removing you from their iPhone, and the only folks who want you to show up in Tampa work at the DNC, you’re probably in trouble.

Here’s the big question: Can voters “forgive” him but still ask him to withdraw? Or does “forgiveness” mean they must also forget?

Also today, Michael Tomasky of The Daily Beast writes that “The Only Big Idea Coming Out of the Romney-Ryan Camp Is the Big Lie.” It’s a cutie pie piece from one of America’s most liberal columnist and a guy who suggested in December that Romney was toast. So yeah, he’s probably right about this, too.

To cleanse your pallet, check out Mona Charen’s latest. It’s a fantastic piece with a headline that says it all: “Cool Is All That Remains.”

Finally, why not top it all off with this poignant piece on the parallels of drivers education and life.