USA Today reports that ‘This Congress could be be the least productive since 1947‘. But is that the right measure for Congress? Is the continual passing of new laws always a good thing?

Politico doesn’t discuss Joe Biden’s many, many gaffes, rather it runs an article today on ‘Managing Joe Biden‘.

Multiple government departments are buying up hundreds of thousands of rounds of ammunition. Business Insider reports: “First the DHS needed 450 million rounds of ammunition, then the NOAA requested 46,000 rounds, now we’ve discovered an online request at FBO.Gov calling for 174,000 rounds of ammunition for the Social Security Administration”. This begs the question, why?

Finally, a Mitt Romney supporting Iowa deli owner catered a Barack Obama campaign event wearing a shirt that said: ‘Government didn’t build my business, I DID‘. Is this tasteless, humorous, or something else?