Last week, The Weekly Standard magazine implored Romney to “Go for the gold” with either Ryan or Rubio as his running mate, not the safer but far less personally interesting choices of Rob Portman, Tim Pawlenty or Bob McDonnell.

So Ryan it is. A good choice, for one overriding reason: The selection of Ryan brings the economy/budget/debt/spending/taxes issue back up to front and center again, and should move the national discussion away from the meaningless and peripheral issues of whether Romney has an offshore bank account or when he left Bain Capital.

Ryan has crunched the numbers and knows the budgetary subject arguably better than anyone in the country. He can speak–factually, and coolly–to the whys and wherefores of how Obamacare and Obama’s spending has put America’s business sector into a permanent “holding/non-hiring” pattern and even more importantly, how to get out of this painful and needlessly self-inflicted economic death spiral.

The national conversation now has a real chance of moving from the embarrassing celebration of Obama decreeing that kids can stay on their parent’s insurance policy until they’re 26 per a non-optional Gov’t mandate to something that should be a bit more substantial: How do we reduce Gov’t spending and intrusion, restore certainty and future predictability to the private business sector, so they will feel comfortable and confident about expanding and hiring again? That’s the question that Ryan’s entrance brings to the fore. It should be a question that R/R will answer to the attention-challenged public better than O/B.

There is more to our economy than simply “policemen, firefighters, and teachers.” That’s pretty much all O ever speaks about: public-sector employees, unionized, hired and paid by taxpayer dollars. That’s his world, his comfort zone, his understanding.

How about private sector sales reps who sell fashion items to regional distributors? Or clothing designers? Advertising executives? Electrical engineers? The neighborhood lawncare company with his two trucks and 4 employees? The McDonald’s franchise owner who stays open until 1:00 am on Friday and Saturday nights? The medical device research company who invests their own profits into developing and creating the next-generation artificial joint or limb? None of Obama’s handouts and “stimulus” monies are intended for them. The States may have gotten a temporary jolt of taxpayer (or worse–Fed-printed) money, on a temporary basis, and maybe they hired (or “saved”) a few teaching positions for this fiscal year, until the extra phony dough runs out.

But we don’t see (nor should we) any Federal acts designed to encourage companies to hire more accountants or ad execs or fin analysts or even secretaries at private firms. Private sector work and the taxes paid by private-sector employees–whether they are hairdressers or automotive CEOs–is where the Fed gets their money. Your barber gives O the money he needs to fritter away on meaningless and unhelpful Gov’t entitlement programs. (Don’t have a heart attack–some Gov’t spending and entitlements are good and necessary. But too much of Gov’t spending is wasteful and inefficient, no matter how well-intentioned.) If the economy tanks because businesses are skittish about the future, they reduce their employee headcount, there are only 4 barbers at the shop instead of 6, and that means there is that much less tax revenue coming into the Federal coffers.

O doesn’t get that. Doesn’t want to get it. Is surrounded by people who either don’t know themselves or don’t have the nerve to tell him. O wants “social justice,” not a thriving free-market economy where people are self-reliant and self-dependent with a Gov’t safety net beneath them. O wants that Gov’t safety net to be the central thing in everyone’s life, funded by onerous taxation and overbearing regulations at the expense of individual opportunity and unlimited potential for personal success. Because, as Obama said himself quite clearly around 2010, “After all, at some point, you’ve made enough money, right?” Yes, Mr. President, but that new wealth that is created by a successful private enterprise, well, it may make a few individuals very wealthy indeed, but that newly-created wealth provides jobs and income for suppliers, shippers, service people, warehouse people, ad people, fin people, sales people, design people, office managers, retail stores, restaurants, etc, etc, etc.

Ryan’s pick as VP moves this subject front and center once again. Sure, the liberal MSM will do their best to prevent the discussion ever coming around to O’s economic record, the MSM and O’s campaign will do their best to personally smear Ryan and dig the dirt, but at some point, Ryan’s presence in the race will force the economy/budget/spending to be the main topic of conversation–a topic that Team Obama was hoping would never take center stage.

R/R better be ready when the stage manager tells them, “OK, you’re on. It’s show time.”