The Associated Press and National Review are reporting that the selection will be announced Saturday, August 11 at 9:00 am in Norfolk, Virgina at the USS Wisconsin and The Weekly Standard is reporting the pick will likely be Paul Ryan. Ryan was also selected as the favorite by readers of PoliticalDerby in June.

The Ryan selection will help Mitt Romney drive home the message of limiting government, the bedrock of the Tea Party movement. He is a candidate intended to fire up the Republican base. It is also no accident that a son of Wisconsin has been selected. He will remind Americans frustrated with unions who spend more time and money seeking political power rather than actually supporting workers of fellow Wisconsinite Scott Walker’s decisive victory earlier this year.

Ryan also helps Romney bridge the generation gap. Romney is 65 years old, compared to Barack Obama’s 51, and Ryan’s 42. Romney certainly has to have been concerned with the results experienced with historical Republican candidates who also faced the generational gap and lost, such as John McCain (Obama), Bob Dole (Bill Clinton), and George H.W. Bush (Clinton).

Seen by some as the least “safe” pick for the ever-careful Romney campaign, Ryan has made his stance clear on the need to reduce the size of the federal government, putting it in writing with his widely discussed budget proposal that Romney has previously endorsed. This selection draws an even clearer line of separation between the Presidential candidates.

The choice of Paul Ryan should appease conservatives, drive a significant short-term increase in fund raising, and energize a Romney campaign that has lost some steam in recent weeks.