Monday open thread


Filed Under Open Thread on Aug 6 

There’s breaking news this Monday! Donald Trump told Fox this morning that he’s wanted at the convention, though he doesn’t say by whom.

Also today, the WSJ goes after little Harry “I have a source” Reid in a tough editorial. (Side bar: I got a call over the weekend from a source in Nevada that said when Harry Reid was home a few weeks ago, he ate a live sheep at a fundraiser and made sweaters from its wool for everyone who wrote a check that night.)

In case anyone has forgotten, Reid lives in the Ritz Carlton Hotel in DC.

Meanwhile, the adults are getting serious about The Veep Stakes and Paul Ryan’s name is rising again. Is he a Game Changer?

The first list of GOP Convention speakers has been released and the inclusion of Condi Rice would seem to finally rule her out as a Veep choice. Also on the list: Haley, Huck, McCain.

Finally, July numbers are in and Team Romney/GOP thumped the democrats raising $101 million to their $75. Are we entering an era where the bar for becoming president sits at a billion dollars?