Calling Dusty Harry’s Bluff


Filed Under POTUS on Aug 2 

Dusty Harry has taken it upon himself to carry 55 gallon drums of water for the current democratic party attack meme that Mitt Romney is hiding something deep within the dark recesses of his past tax returns. Rather than accept the fact that Mitt made more money before breakfast today than Dusty Harry will make in a lifetime, Dusty Harry has decided to start the rumor that Mitt is hiding the secret that he in fact paid no taxes at all over the past decade.

And the source for Dusty Harry’s accusation? Well, on Tuesday Dusty Harry cited a “Bain Capital Investor” who allegedly called Dusty Harry and told him Mitt “didn’t pay any taxes for 10 years”. Today Dusty Harry went on the floor of the US Senate and doubled down. Said Harry:

The word’s out that he hasn’t paid any taxes for 10 years. Let him prove that he has paid taxes, because he hasn’t. (Emphasis Added)

The “word” is out, Dusty Harry, because you put it out. Normally I would expect the “when did you stop beating your wife” question to come from an Obama campaign worker masquerading as an MSM journalist. I would not expect it to come from the Senate Majority Leader. One would think someone with as much corruption in his background as Dusty Harry would think twice before throwing baseless accusations around.

Yeah, Dear Reader, I’m calling Dusty Harry a liar. Were this not a PG rated blog I would throw some colorful descriptive metaphors in front of the term “liar”.

Memo to the (less than) Honorable Senator Reid: I’m calling you out. Please provide the name and contact information for this “Bain Capital Investor” so this accusation of yours (and his) can be verified or more likely disproven as factually deficient in every aspect. Short of that, I would ask you to get your sorry carcass back to the Senate floor and do something remotely resembling the job you were sent there to do. If you’ve lost track of exactly what that is, you might want to start with something basic – like passing a frakking budget for the first time in over three years.

Now, a little bird insinuated to me via the Interwebs that Dusty Harry owes several million dollars to dozens of casinos and similar houses of ill repute across Nevada. This source has at least as much credibility as Dusty Harry’s “Bain Capital Investor”. Thus I, like Dusty Harry, am “not certain it’s true.” Never the less, I think said rumor should be investigated due to the severity of the charge. Sauce for the goose, Senator Reid.