It is wonderful to live in an age where you can turn on the television at any hour and find out the most recent news on a multitude of stations. However, with that much programming time that must be filled comes the inevitable gaps in real news and the tendency to let a big story take over. This is exactly what we have seen with the Aurora shooter story. Do you find it necessary to analyze and over-analyze every aspect of this horrific crime? Does the constant storyline all over television serve to motivate people who want celebrity status to commit other heinous crimes?

By now, most are aware of ABC News’ Brian Ross recklessly trying to link the shooting to the Tea Party, as Feinstein discussed yesterday and Jon Stewart just obliterated. However, it appears that ABC News also took the shooter’s mother entirely out of context to paint a specific narrative for creating “news”. Do you trust the “news” or is this only another reminder that the media exists for one purpose: To make money.

Finally, the NCAA went outside of its normal review process to expedite the penalties placed upon Penn State which include a $60 million fine and the loss of 40 new scholarships over the next four years, which will decimate the football program. There is logic behind hammering the football program due to the lack of university control, which the NCAA commonly punishes member schools for. However, was it right to fine the school $60 million, which, as a state school, is effectively fining the citizens of Pennsylvania $60 million over the actions (or inaction) of a few people?