The media is filled with speculation on who Mitt Romney’s running mate choice will be. However, none of them actually know who it will be. You may continue the speculation in the comments.

Doctors and nurses in the UK’s national health system are likely facing a 5% reducing in wages, the work day extended by 25 minutes (which is the same as cutting wages further), reductions in overtime, and two fewer vacation days. How much incentive is there for Britain’s best and brightest to pursue a career in healthcare?

Street lights in one Brazilian city are being powered by inmates who are being offered reduced sentences for choosing to ride stationary bicycles that charge batteries. Would this or another similar system be effective in the US?

A 71 year old man in Florida used his concealed .38 to fend off thugs who were intent on robbing the internet cafe he was patronizing. Watch the video at the link. Do you agree with what he did? Would you do the same?