There are hints that Mitt Romney could jump in early with his Veep pick, in an effort to better combat the Obama/Biden ticket as a team sooner, rather than later:

The reasoning, advisers say, is that two candidates would be able to raise more money and engage Obama and Vice President Joe Biden in battle with polls showing Americans closely divided on whether to pick the Republican challenger or Democratic incumbent in the November 6 election.

The article names the usual suspects these days – Pawlenty, Portman, Jindal, Rubio, and Ayotte – as well as the occasionally rumored, but always denied, Condi Rice.

In the “Hypocrisy of the Week” segment, the NAACP required government issued photo ID for media to see AG Eric Holder speak in Texas, a state that Holder and the Department of Justice is suing to overturn a Voter ID law. Wrap your head around that one!

And finally, registered independents have ballooned in several battleground states, mainly at the expense of the Democratic party. These votes will likely hold the key to victory for either candidate.