Protests in the general vicinity of presidential campaigns are nothing new. Some are genuine – made up of people with a legitimate beef with the candidate. Many are ginned up by the opposing camp in hopes of embarrassing the candidate with a barrage of questions designed to throw said candidate off message an hopefully make the evening news or at least a memorable YouTube moment.

Then you have “one of the most sizable shows of force from protestors seen on the campaign trail in weeks” which organically grew outside Mitt Romney’s Sunday fundraiser held in the Hamptons. One would think such a “sizable show of force” would consist of at thousands of angry protestors waving signs, yelling obscenities, and chanting something that rhymes with “one-two-three four”.

Ok. Maybe not a crowd of thousands. It was, after all, a holiday weekend. Even protestors take holidays, right? Then at least a few hundred die-hard activists? Surely that’s the threshold for a “sizable show of force”? Perhaps a hundred?

Nope. Try sixty. That’s right. Sixty people counted by NBC’s Garrett Haake. On a beach. During the Fourth of July weekend. In the Hamptons. They did check all the other protest requirements – pre-printed signs, angry chants, vulgar phrases, bass drums, horns and a saxophone.

Perhaps I am a bit jaded. A decade of living in the Washington DC metro area has made me a bit cynical where protests are concerned. I’ve seen groups of no more than a few dozen people marching around DC portrayed as several hundred by an MSM hell bent on magnifying the protest in order to further the cause.

The bass drum and saxophone is what concerns me most. It always starts that way. First it’s a drum circle and then it grows into a full blown music festival. If I was a Hampton resident, I’d start checking my property for a Hippie Infestation.