Four days after storms ripped through the northeast, 22 are dead and millions have been left without power. New Gingrich points out on Twitter that this is a very small taste of what would result from an EMP attack. There are two fictional books with realistic scenarios worth reading on the subject, One Second After and The Great and Terrible series.

General Motors shares are near a record low, leaving the American people who own 26.5%, out $26.4 billion in stock value losses plus an additional $18 billion from a government “gift”. Now that Japanese suppliers are back online, expect Toyota to regain its place as the top selling automotive manufacturer in the world.

Over 8.7 million former workers are now collecting federal “disability” checks, or more people than the total population of 39 states. Another way to look at this is it is 1 for every 16.3 workers collecting “disability checks” compared with 1 for every 35.5 in 2002. Is the rate of disability suddenly skyrocketing or is there something else in play here?