Jeff Wright, the brother of intrepid PD Editor Jason Wright, sent this fun little note:

I wonder if you have a contact in Congress that might get the ball rolling on a new bill. The health and safety of the American people should be of utmost importance to the administration. I just conducted an informal poll and was quite disturbed to learn that there are a number of American households without a first aid kit. Considering that having one of these is an important contributor to health and safety, and also considering that the Supreme Court has now ruled that the administration can tell Americans what they need to buy, I propose a bill be drafted and submitted to Congress that requires all households to own a first aid kit.

Another little tidbit leading into the weekend involves the Obama Campaign’s latest fundraising strategy:

Is your wedding, birthday, or anniversary coming up? President Barack Obama has the perfect gift registry for you. Skip Bed Bath & Beyond, he suggests, and have your guests donate straight to his re-election campaign. To make this process easier, the Obama reelection campaign has started an event registry to let supporters request donations from their family and friends instead of gifts on their big day. They make setting up and sharing your registry with everyone you know as easy as can be.

Who needs a food processor or toaster oven? A donation to the Campaign to Re-elect Barack Obama is certainly the gift that keeps on giving!