***Update*** The Supreme Court has upheld the Patient Protection and Affordable Healthcare Act by a reported 5-4 decision. Chief Justice Roberts sided with the liberal justices, and penned a long opinion for the majority.

The Obama Administration faces what could be a brutal day today, with the Supreme Court set to reveal its ruling on the Patient Protection and Affordable Healthcare Act and the House prepares to vote on holding Attorney General Eric Holder in contempt of Congress over the “Fast and Furious” operation on the U.S.-Mexican border.

The Obamacare decision has more layers than an onion, and it is kind of odd to consider that the best possible result for the White House would be if the plan was struck down entirely:

Obama faces a Catch-22 situation over the Supreme Court ruling. If the legislation is upheld, presumptive Republican nominee Mitt Romney can run on repealing it if he’s elected – an almost sure-fire crowd pleaser.

But if Obamacare – formally named the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act – is struck down in whole or in part then Obama will look like a failure as well as a President who has exceeded his powers.

A split decision might be the worst outcome for him as full rejection would force Republicans to come up with an alternative plan and full support would hand Romney a popular rallying cry for repeal.

Stay tuned for what is sure to be one of the more wild days in politics that does not include a trip to the ballot box.