The Supreme Court ruled and Obamacare prevailed 5-4, with Justice Roberts delivering the surprise swing vote. It was a clear, convincing triumph for the President, since a reversal had been widely expected.

The pundits, analysts, and talking heads will chew over this for weeks, if not months, to come. All the so-called “experts” were wrong. The Mandate was thought a fait accompli to be struck down; the only question remaining was whether the rest of the ACA would survive. Countless hours of interviews given, countless words and column inches expended, countless cubic feet of atmosphere inhaled and exhaled, and all for naught. There are no experts, and the Court’s behavior is totally unpredictable (and apolitical), especially when there is so long a gap between oral arguments (March) and their final decision being handed down (June).

The immediate line that Romney’s supporters will spout is that this is a good outcome. More people dislike the new law than support it (49-38%, according to a recent poll), so their logic is this ruling gives a new imperative to Romney winning the election: Romney wins, and “On Day One, I will dismantle Obamacare,” as he’s said.

But that’s not reality. If you spoke to a Romney supporter at around 10:22 am on June 28th, they were disbelieving, crestfallen, totally incredulous. It was as if Christmas morning had been canceled, and instead, you got hit with a totally unexpected multi-thousand dollar car repair bill.

Romney and his allies can attempt to spin this any way they want, but the Court’s ruling was a huge loss of almost immeasurable proportions. That’s how they feel deep inside today, regardless of what public face they attempt to put on it. Romney’s biggest hope was this: The Court rules the Mandate unconstitutional, thus gutting the ACA and giving Romney the ability to pin the “incompetent” label on Obama.

Romney wanted to say, “How could a supposed Constitutional scholar not know that this legislation skated too close to the edge to be safe? He should have known better. He showed such poor judgment. The Law is disliked by more people than like it. And most important, he wasted the country’s time on this failed effort instead of concentrating on restoring the economy. His Stimulus was a failure—unemployment is still over 8% and gas is $3.50/gallon. Obamacare is unconstitutional, because he should have known better. This man just can’t be President even a day longer than one term.” That’s what Romney wanted to say. It would have been very powerful. After the decision, his reason for culling the undecided vote is a lot less compelling, a lot less clear.

So Romney can’t say that the President made a bad situation worse. Instead, Obama’s huge advantage with the liberal MSM will reap him advantages that multiply the decision’s impact tenfold. Obama will be trumpeted by the NY Times, the Washington Post, the network news stations, Oprah, Letterman, Stewart, Time, Newsweek, NPR, etc. as the man who finally solved the healthcare dilemma that has vexed our country for decades. Many have tried, but only he succeeded. Not even the vaunted Clinton political machine succeeded in their universal healthcare effort. The country is now fundamentally better off, forevermore, because of President Obama’s courage, foresight, and tireless actions. He did it where no one else could. That is the new liberal media narrative.

Putting aside a discussion of the actual merits and deficiencies of the ACA, the preceding paragraph is how this will be presented to the public from a political standpoint. It’s probably worth an immediate 3-5% in the polls to Obama’s advantage.

The old cliché is that the “three months until the election is an eternity.” Granted, there’s plenty of opportunity for either candidate to mess up terribly and completely mishandle any number of situations. And how they fare in the head-to-head debates in October—when many undecideds make up their minds—has yet to be determined.

However….the liberal MSM will be saying over and over that President Obama is a man of vision, a man of courage, a gifted individual in the presidency when the country needed him the most, indeed, he is a man of destiny. And a significant number of those undecideds may very well think to themselves, “Yes, he is.”