Please enjoy this guest post sent to from an anonymous retired colonel.

As I listen to the news of the Fast and Furious hearings and the Administration’s responses, I am awed by the cold, calculating way in which President Obama and his Administration approach governance. Their agenda is all that matters, and they use every opportunity to push what they want on the United States.

Not too long ago, our President involved himself in a tragic killing in Florida without all of the facts, and more importantly without any real role in the ongoing investigation. He injected emotion into an already charge environment, stating that “If I had a son, he would look like Trayvon Martin.” His words were not meant to solve the situation, to help the local police, or to ensure justice was served. His intention was to fire up his base, to polarize an argument, and ensure many more lives than just Trayvon and his family’s lives were negatively affected. Multiple violent acts across the country can be directly tied to The President and his surrogate’s stoking of the fires of racial hatred. His smooth words ensured that George Zimmerman will not get a fair trial without the serious risk of Rodney King-like riots across the country.

Contrast these actions with President Obama and his administration’s response to Fast and Furious and the death of a Federal Law Enforcement Officer. Here is a civil servant who has in his direct chain of command the President, and I have yet to hear anything remotely resembling grief for the loss of Brian Terry in the line of duty. The President is calculatingly handling the situation like another political gaffe, like another situation where a mistake was made, and he is unwilling to take any responsibility for it. Not even a simple sorry for the loss. Never mind that Brian Terry was a casualty of a terrible Federal Policy that ultimately is the President’s responsibility. Never mind that the Federal government broke many of its own laws in its handling of firearms with regard to Operation Fast and Furious. Never mind that the Attorney General has been less than forthcoming in providing all of the information regarding the operation. I would simply like the President to stand up and say, “Fast and Furious was a terrible program. We will get to the bottom of the program, ensure something so terrible does not happen again, and let the public know what we’ve changed. And most importantly, I owe a personal apology to Brian Terry’s family. We as his supervisors let him down when he was willing to put his life on the line.”

Sure, a number of Democrats have now stated that the program was bad, that it was a tragedy, but they are quick to incorrectly point out that the Fast and Furious program started during the Bush Administration. None of them ever express real remorse for the loss of life on both sides of the border. It is all a calculation, led my their Calculator in Chief. His agenda overshadows any feelings of remorse.

I’m sure that many Republicans are inspired by politics, by the chance to get their name in lights and to ‘win’ the current political battle. That does not change the rightness of their charges of cover-up, and their responsibility to exercise their Constitutional requirement of oversight into how we spend our money and uphold the laws passed by the Congress. It also does not change the Administration’s robotic delivery of political speech delivered for effect, not concern or remorse. The President has a different set of political beliefs than I, but for once I would just like to see him TAKE RESPONSIBILITY and feel what that is like. I’d like him to be a stand up guy and say, “Mr. and Mrs. Terry, on behalf of a grateful nation…”