Politico says Tim Pawlenty is considered the leading option on Mitt Romney’s VP shortlist. Perhaps Romney missed the PoliticalDerby.com readers’ choice of Paul Ryan.

MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell spliced together parts of a Romney speech and introduced it as his “cash register moment”, which, if you recall, was another media hit job in presidential political history back in 1992. In reality, Romney was making a point on the inefficiency of government. After near immediate calls for an apology, the next day Mitchell said “we didn’t get a chance to play [the full video]” and ran his speech uncut. However, Mitchell made no mention at her deception from the previous day.

They say it’s not the crime, it’s the cover up. Now some media are comparing President Obama’s use of “executive privilege” to withhold documents on the Fast and Furious scandal to Watergate and Drudge Report had this image headlining for 24 hours.

The Supreme Court will release additional verdicts today. The Affordable Healthcare Act could be one of them, which analysts say could be left alone, entirely struck down, or have portions, such as the individual mandate stuck down.

Finally, some humor.